November 2021, Turning Point Month!

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge –
An Eternal Promise, skies bathed in Love.

Namaste’ New HUmans,

November initiates an Eclipse season, making it especially conducive to being a turning point month for many of us. I’m all in! How about you? Eclipses provide the momentum for quantum leaps into higher states of consciousness. Like an entry point into a new world or state of being, eclipse energy often bring to us events that are geared to speed up our spiritual expansion. Do I have your attention yet? Has your outer mind of thoughts already begun an inward pivot? “What might this mean for me?” “How may I best show up for my Self in this passage?” These are the deepening questions to sit with in stillness as you create an inner spaciousness to welcome November, 2021.

There is a significant Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus on November 19th. This is then followed by a Total Solar Eclipse on December 4th. Lunar Eclipses typically bring about endings and are considered points of closure, whereas Solar Eclipses typically bring new beginnings and are considered points of new opportunity. Create time with intention and perhaps a journal to map out a spiritual game plan. Never have you been more energetically supported or spiritually attuned to CREATE a New Reality – to dream in a new direction and sense of purpose for your life. We RISE like a New Day!

November at a glance:

11/1 and 2 – Venus crosses the Galactic Center.

Now, I Am not an astrologer nor spend much energy exploring this area – but, because the Shining Ones are from the Galactic Center and Venus being the planet of love, this peaked my curiosity. It sets the tone for November being a month of heart awakenings and a deeper connection to the love that we are. This is an empowered time for self-love and activating the heart chakra, which in its spiritual role is about expanding our capacity to LOVE ALL OF HUMANITY as the spiritual family that it is.

11/4 Scorpio Super New Moon.

Two key words come to mind – Retreat and Reflect.
The moon in Scorpio is all about “what lies beneath.” It is about mystery, passion and strong emotions. Taking a journey deep within ourselves is really supported by this moon ~ helping us to excavate and clear the way for beautiful new levels, gifts and purpose to be revealed and anchored. This is a day to really avoid chaos and be tuned into your surroundings, making them a sanctuary for healing and discovery.

11/7  New HUman Tranmission and Beautiful Celestial Event

November really is the month that just keeps on giving, pregnant with celestial, lunar, solar and planetary energies supporting human expansion and the return to LOVE. First, we have another contact with the Galactic Center as the asteroid Juno crosses it, sending beautiful cosmic vibrations through the sky. Juno is the asteroid of Marriage and Soulmates, which ultimately reflects UNITY, joining together in healthier ways, whatever the relationship may be, with the power and wisdom of our hearts. Juno lifts up and empowers the feminine, helping to rewrite consciousness from mental and intellectual pursuits to intuition, instinct and concern for the greater good. 

November Energy Update – New HUman Transmission.

November 2021 is an energetic threshold with a beautiful and timely invitation into new levels of creation. This webcast ( 11/7 @ 11:11) will have a strong focus on Gaia, the extraordinary changes that are happening in the vibrational world across our globe. We will explore some of what is happening on this planet’s surface, how the earth energies are shifting, what is happening with vortex energy around the planet and why – deepening understanding around the sacred geometry in our bodies and out on the earth – felt guidance – how the great Mother is assisting our return to trusting our instincts and intuition. Mark your calendar now – this will be a big show with a lot of transformational take-away.

11/11 – 1111 Numerology – Jupiter Meets the Moon

The 11th day of the 11th month unlocks the numerology code and angel number of 1111 – one of the most potent number codes in the universe. 1111 indicates complete and full alignment. If you are experiencing 1111 regularly it can indicate that all is working as it should and that you are in alignment with where you need to be. When you are in a place of alignment, you are in full receivership of the vertical dispensation or NOW moment and better able to attract all that you need. 

To make the most of this day, take time to really focus on your own feelings of alignment. What makes you feel aligned? What actions can you take to bring your body, mind and spirit into a state of Oneness? Alignment brings a sense a peace, of inner contentment whatever the outer circumstances present. Connect with your guides, the angels and/or the earth mother today and ask for clarity and support in creating alignment and attracting what you desire in your life. 

11/12Chariklo Re-enters Aquarius

This day is all about Spirit Medicine! The asteroid Chariklo enters Aquarius where it will stay until 2028! This energy represents healing on the deepest level of our soul. This entire year of settling into the Aquarian energies has seen an increase of spiritual awakenings, a deeper understanding of Oneness and a shift in understanding that healing is about the community of humanity – not a lone journey. I will speak to this increase in awakening and the willingness to walk away from the realms of separation in dedication to wholeness and oneness on the November webcast. 11.7.21 Good Stuff! Grateful Stuff!

11/19 – Full Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Definitely the big event for the month! Think of this as a supercharged Full Moon. New Moons are when seeds and intentions are planted… Full Moons are about harvest, a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. The energy of this Full Moon eclipse incites ambitious determination to do what needs to be done to improve, both personally and collectively. Under this Taurus Eclipse, we may find ourselves bringing closure to things in our lives that no longer serve us. Taurus is a very earthy sign, drawing our awareness to the environment and how we are using Earth’s resources, so this may be something in the spotlight at this time. Pay attention to finances and feelings of self- worth and overall, trust that whatever comes up will eventually be a pathway to higher states of consciousness. And BREATHE!

The energies out on the Earth are potent. Be devoted to time with the Mother, listening, communing, seeking clarity, inviting wisdom. All of existence is here for you, in support of liberation, fulfillment and greater love for this humanity.

Ascended Feminine Presence –
Hathor, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary
Golden Light Initiation

Sophia Wisdom
The Holiest of Holy –
Exquisite Love



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  1. ruty says:

    Thank you DeAnne,The Shining Ones for the vital’pointers’above.
    Surprise to see the “Comment”spaces ‘white crystal clear’
    2, days after your pink pic, I went AM to front window- what I saw was what this pic shows : PINK space above Earth.may it spread-I believe it does- to All spaces, within&without.beautiful SOFT & POWERFUL PINK.

    T’Light rays streaming in between the trees look like The Mother’s Hair
    &the ground under the Orb…A landed Space Ship? maybe so.Gratitude.

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