Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!

An Invitation!

It was just one of those moments that likely mean less to everyone else but everything to you! I was driving home from an 11/11 experience last week that was many things but nothing we expected. Expansive, cleansing, an expression of community, coming together on a significant day to be with the Mother and celebrate her love and devotion to this species. Just me, with Bodhi and Jyoti in the back, fast asleep, after a very full hike. It was a rainy, foggy day ~ especially so up high in these ancient mountains I call home. The photo here is from inside my car, inside one of the many tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway. No other tunnel presented this moment. It was a moment unique to the place, to the location – and to me – on this day readily acknowledged as a container for the most powerful number sequence in the Universe. I cannot describe to you exactly what this moment held for me. All I know is that the light was so brilliant – with a mystical plasma quality to it. I was approaching the end of a very long, dark tunnel and I could FEEL THE WELCOME, the JOY and CELEBRATION that was there to receive me; fully enveloped in this light. The darkness soon to be swallowed up, by this light! And one of the understandings that I want you to take away from this moment (besides the profound metaphor) is that this experience of something perhaps meaningless to everyone else but everything to you… you can expect more and more such moments from here on until years end. Moments where something supernatural, a superior consciousness communicates something to you that feels like you are the most important human on the planet, a moment so direct and full in its love that you feel as if there is no other soul in existence – only you and this vast Creation – and it is all here, just for you!

Unity Consciousness

There is something so beautiful being born through us – a new humanity is rising to the occasion of Love, of Truth, a reality without fear and coercion. My heart just feels so full of hope! So many so stuck and not believing in themselves or their power to live free – and my heart just grows full with compassion and so grateful to be free. Friday is a profound GIFT of energy for this species, a Full Moon in Taurus with a partial but very potent Lunar eclipse. If you are super sensitive, you may have started feeling its energy at the beginning of the week, as I did. But the Gateway opens today and runs through the 21st. MASSIVE WAVES OF LIGHT ARE EXPECTED. Our bodies, minds, hearts and emotional fields are feeling the direction to expand.  Expansion is aimed at the Heart (Solar), nervous system, DNA, and the Crystalline Lightbody during this passage. The greatest impetus is to go inward, to give yourself permission and time to be still, to follow flow, to allow what you are feeling with a willingness to love the story of who you have been – yet determined to move on. There is a much stronger center of determination – something expanding deep within that is finally able to override old programming and belief systems. In the Shining Ones woods there is a “Baring Tree” that marks the border between private land and U.S.N.F.S. It let’s you know exactly where you are. Know that your “baring” as Infinite Consciousness and Energy is growing stronger. All else falls away. The only limitation in this NOW is perceived limitation. Your greatest ally during this passage is the ability to STAY RIGHT HERE. Only here, in the true moment. This eclipse is aimed at identity – light energy really focused into the deep well of your emotions, patterns, belief systems, behaviors, attitudes, old wounds, regrets and judgments. Just knowing that will provide comfort and stability when anxiety, exhaustion, dizziness, unsettled emotions, heart palpitations, etc creep in. How beautifully flawed we are – just so that we could embody our own POWER TO RISE UP! This passage is a CHOICE POINT, an opportunity for Rapid Self-Revelation, Deep Bliss States, Clarity on what stays and what goes and profound acceleration of Divine Truth!


Full On, Veil Lifting, Mystical LOVE with clear and present Guidance, visitation and support! We are being prepared for next-level New. One of the most consistent, POWERFUL things you can do each day all day is to Hydrate; Solar intensity is increasing. If it resonates, this is a perfect time to cleanse, clear, detoxify and be in prime condition to receive and facilitate these waves of cosmic plasma – before the eclipses begin. Yes, there is another eclipse on December 4th! This will be a Solar eclipse – so a mirror image, compliment to the one this week, lending such a beautiful, harmony and strength to the NEW that is being born within and without in our world. November and December prepare Solaris, Gaia and the collective for a powerful 2022. Are you ready?

I call upon the Light
and center myself in Peace, in Service, in Gratitude and Love –
that this day be the highest expression of itself  –
that I may be the highest expression of my Self.

Know that you are the brightest Light in the Universe, that all LOVE is expressing itSelf through you ~ you are here to Create New Worlds and Trust both who you are and this Great Existence that loves you so. Keep your devotion and strength focused on Truth and Light, on Love, Compassion, Resiliency, Vision and Peace. You are a wonder. You are here to go out ahead and show humanity what is possible. Let’s do this together. In Oneness. Untethered. Powerful. Free

SO MUCH LOVE, from my heart to yours!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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9 comments on “Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!
  1. Amy says:

    Feeling this for sure, so grateful to spend extra time in the meditation archives. Love the picture from 11/11. I’d given about anything to be with you on 11/11.
    Thank you for your wise words of encouragement as I navigate this New
    I love you more than words DeAnne

    • DeAnne says:

      I feel the same way Amy – spending these precious moments of NEW together! Gratitude for taking advantage of the Meditation archives – they truly are the gift that keeps on giving and so easy to incorporate into the day to day. They are 5D!! They vibrate the Shining Ones presence and support your re-membrance to the True Self! So grateful to our Souls for bringing us together in this NOW! xoxoxo

  2. judy says:

    Thanks for sharing this moment with us and your thoughts about it.

    I had a couple of similar moments today that involved solving a quandary. I finally asked for help and yet doubted that help would come. And yet, it came immediately both times. When will I give up my doubts?


    • DeAnne says:

      It is definitely a process – but slow and steady or like a rocket ship, this invitation remains beautifully expansive, open, ready to receive us. ❣️

  3. ROBERT says:

    Yep been feeling the build-up. Ready for the next…

    Thank you for expressing.

  4. Kathleen says:

    DeAnne, you are such an amazing gift and blessing and inspiration and guiding Light to us all. Thank you for allowing yourself to be open to this wisdom and guidance and to sharing it so freely and generously. Know that I pass along your messages to others, who pass them along to others, who pass them along to others …

  5. DeAnne says:

    GRATITUDE Kathleen, this means the world to me… sharing, passing along, paying it forward – we are all in our own ways growing the circle of this Unity and return to Oneness. I always cherish hearing from you and feel honored to be seen by you! Hugs to you and Herb! 🤗❣️

  6. ruty says:

    LIGHT struck.full on.buzzing with the Content/projection/assimilation of the Uni-Verse expressed,verbalized, painted,ETCHED with a Straight arrow
    into wide OPEN Heart’s eyes.
    it invites to re&re-read to swallow WHOLE if possible(at least part)and BE THAT which is Given. openly, generously saturated with Cosmic wisdom and Cosmic Mother(feminine aspect) LOVE.Gratitude.
    THANK YOU DeAnne Universe for including us within yours/ours.

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