A Week to Focus and Recalibrate


I AM Ocean.
I come from the stars.
And I remember. I AM here to help you do the same.
When I was very small, my mom could see
all the light-codes in my energy field.

I wanted to help her remember her original language.
The language of the Light.

This light-coding is everywhere present on the earth today
and available to every human.
I AM Ocean.
I come from Love
and so do you.


Blessings of LOVE and GRATITUDE to this beautiful tribe!!

Little Ocean and his family came up from Pensacola during Thanksgiving. This photo and the ones below were taken in the Shining Ones/Ancient Site vortex the day after Thanksgiving. This vortex area was a good fit for everyone because there is a great deal of fairy/elemental activity, different kinds of portals and creek crossings, as well as strong extraterrestrial energy. Ocean’s dad has had frequent interaction with different races of E.T.’s for a while. In the photo above, Ocean is holding a heart rock over his head, one of many the children found. It is clear in each of these photos that the star-races and elementals were delighted with their visit. They brought a lot of love and appreciation to the vibrational world – and that love and appreciation was given right back! I could easily share a whole post with you here just on their visit alone… but the greater intention is to check in on everyone during this eclipse passage, to focus energy and revisit what the current energies are stimulating, activating and awakening within. A significant Solar Eclipse and Solar flare arrive this coming weekend – may this blog and photos serve to take you deeper into the awareness that this eclipse passage is ELEVATING CONSCIOUSNESS – revealing your highest Truth.

The spiritual path is all about us realizing that we are enough.

This Solar Eclipse Saturday, 12/4/21, is a big one! Take a moment to just breathe in the enormity of this year… and imagine that the power of this eclipse is poised to “catch” everything leading up to it – to clear the way for 2022! The only Total Solar Eclipse of this year, emphasizes a time to fully discover and embrace the deeper aspects of ourselves which are yearning to come forth!

It’s all about energy! everything is driving us inward – this is a new sensation, a new language really for our bodies, but most especially our emotions and minds. The magnetics and drive prior to this NEW NOW have always been outward – exterior motivation – pulling us out of ourselves and center and wisdom. The need for focus and recalibration is essential. Create space for this. Our DNA is awakening to a new experience through this Sacred passage.

Something is working with you from within – to center you, to receive the data, light intel coded with your current mission. It is important to get quiet to hear and feel the new experience – it may feel surreal for many weeks as we cross a new threshold into 2022.

We are authenticating – no one has the same make-up as you, you alone know what makes you tick. Social media is great for connection but – we must first FEEL our mission and be galvanized within. Get offline as much as possible, to experience the organic shift of consciousness happening in this Now. Really tune into the part of you that longs for connection – and is drawn to social media to find this. We easily feed off and take on each others energy and ideas, perceptions and beliefs… stimulating the SEEKER in us. There is nothing right or wrong about this -but it is sending energy OUT of your body, out of your center – there is still something that is looking for what is yours to do. And no one can tell you that – no one can do that work for you. This Solar Eclipse coming up on the 4th, is all about integrating POWER – coming more fully into YOU. We must first galvanize ourselves – everything you came to be and bring forth and contribute as necessary service in this NOW – is coded within you. If you stay in the mind  – looking outside of you – you dilute your true alignment

So many facets of humanity are showing up for vortex – which means they are coming into both alignment with 5D Earth and with them Selves – they are in magnetic ascent to the higher order.

This is Ocean’s mama, Starr, along with older brother Jon, crossing a creek in the Shining Ones Vortex. The image she is enveloped in you have seen and heard about often within the New HUman platform. I feel this rainbow eye is connected to Gaia, the 5D Earth. It is definitely a new human symbol wherever in the world it is showing up. Starr is very attuned to the needs and energy of each of her kids and nurtures their unique light natures.

This is a time to elevate confidently (and unapologetically) into a new, magnetic you!

I feel nothing but excitement – (ok, most of the time! 😋) For the Lunar Eclipse on the 19th – I swear I went to bed on the 18th feeling this energy in my body and heart as if the next day was Christmas. That giddy, no-mind, child like anticipation of some magical being coming with surprises and gifts picked out just for me!! The day of the eclipse was massive and expansive, the Solar magnetics creating such elevation for our bodies and minds and hearts. I spent a good portion of the day mapping my new reality. I intentionally went where I could embody the new landscape I feel moving toward me, I surrounded myself with various pieces of that new reality so that my consciousness was focused on and my energy feeling the potential unfolding. This is SO important. Whatever you get as a sense of the direction your new Self and new reality is taking you – to surround yourself with aspects, pictures, stories, images, tokens, watch a movie, talk with a friend, journal the NEW – especially while in these choice point eclipse passages. Stay right here. The human, identity aspect is a minute aspect of who you are – yet easily pulled into the chaos and drama of separation. It seems as if everything is falling apart around our globe, because our primary focus is on duality – that is how we are conditioned. But if you focus on the Now energies, feel the moment, trust yourself and the desires rising from within – they will reveal how this all will unfold for our Ascension. Allow plenty of time and space for the new dream to rise up – and do not doubt your ability to CREATE THE NEW NOW.

It is so important that we are not responding to ANY of this Now from emotion. That is ego and it will lead you astray, not into power. The energies, the love, the magnitude of Light that is here now on behalf of ALL of humanity – is to align you with your best life. Ideally, you are feeling at least portions of a sense that you are living your best life now. Not being emotionally drawn into what is unraveling. ALL of it is being held. ALL are being carried. The only way for you to be an agent of this new energy and effectively in your power – is to feel in your core, “WOW!! I AM living my best life.” “I feel so blessed.” There is a sense of “how is this beautiful, abundant, peaceful reality mine?” This is a truly conscious perspective. It is from that space and vibration that you will see the clear path ahead for your mission, your new authentic tribe – it is from that place only, a place of your own highest vibration – that you will be able to truly serve. Many are feeling galvanized – which is good – there is power in numbers – just make sure to run any efforts and actions through the frequency of love, not anger, not fear, not judgement. And too, realize that everyone is going through their own experience and process. Where you are in the world and what continues to unfold in this unprecedented, limitless NOW is no accident. Meditate, find stillness often, on why your Higher Self and wisdom chose to incarnate into the circumstance you are surrounded by. As you do so, deep and high within you, you will feel everything soften, your heart expand. Then the wisdom on ways to move forward, with love, will come.

You can only respond to the human experience with compassion –
it is inherently beautiful.

Ocean’s dad, Taggert, placed this pyramid at a Grand Junction Stargate. The energy in these power spots flow both vertically and horizontally. They both absorb energy that no longer serves and also infuse new energy, simultaneously! This spot is also an E.T. beacon. The selenite pyramid was Taggert’s offering. Notice the beam Solaris is radiating – the flare of energy the forest is mirroring in response to this offering. This beam, even the pyramid itself reflect the energy that comes from a still mind, a meditative moment of connecting higher and deeper in this NOW!

I want you all to hear that my DeAnne aspect never feels sure about what I Am doing – my identity/egoic self that is driven by the constant chatter in the mind is not what is creating the beautiful flow in my life. The river is carrying me. Life is carrying me – as it is meant to do. For you, each and everyone. It is essential to identify what aspect of your being is making decisions and choices and driving energy. You can absolutely feel which operating system you are in. The feminine, heart consciousness, new hUman aspect is soft, allowing, joyful, wildly creative and inspired – there is a constant wonder at what is showing up for you. Your conditioning must get out of the way to allow for the spaciousness of your multidimensional Self.

We come into this world with a power in our hearts, that we already have, that we don’t have to learn. This power aligns us with the framework, the grid of the living Universe. It’s a spirituality that cannot be named yet is the catalyst to living fully awake, conscious and present. This power in your heart is part of the field of energy that holds the entire Universe together.


Ocean discovered some giant quartz
and is learning to create cairns.
Clearly the nature spirits are delighted!

Your greatest companion in this human experience is the Mystery; Presence, Ultimate Consciousness, Love. All the same really. It is a vibration that knows no separation, no other. This intelligence and wisdom vibrates only Love. It is the remembrance of home and it is possible to feel it, be in it – all the time in our human experience.

The most important thing during this passage is keeping your vibration up. Being emotional or in mental busyness is not gonna keep your energy up – feeling your joy, creating, spending time in nature, drinking lots of water, listening to music, spending quality time with animals or children, crystals, journaling from the perspective of vision and what you are dreaming in and not from lack and what is wrong. When you focus on what is wrong to any degree you are in lack because there is no wrong, nothing is out of the perfection of the Light of this world. Start there. Everything about this Now process is Perfection. When the mind is still, you are going to FEEL all this new energy within, new DNA activating, new cellular activity bubbling up within you – when your mind is still and you are not in the emotional body your WHOLE BEING is responding from the inside out to the activity of the plasma light on your skin. It is joyful. It takes the breath away. It provides a new breath. It has clarity and centering and purpose that goes beyond what the mind can retrieve. It is a HUGE pivot point in the human journey when you “get it” that human you, the you you see when you look in the mirror – is not here to solve anything. We are here to BE EVERYTHING that we are! Step away from the drive of the egoic aspect long enough and with devotion just to listen to the heart of Gaia and the whispers of the cosmos. When you no longer feel the angst of the human experience – then you are truly ready to begin, to know, to serve deeply and love unconditionally. Send that lovelight to the collective – Radiate Love and Golden-Diamond light to all of HUmanity as often as possible. All is well. Our world is born anew!

Jyoti and Sierra ~ radiating Golden-Diamond Light.

I will be on a mountain top somewhere on the Eclipse this Saturday – holding each of you close in my heart. SO grateful for the work each of you are doing to “surrender to the surrender” of a Love that is holding us all.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “A Week to Focus and Recalibrate
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    The children are leading the way because they have not been brain washed. What a wonderful adventure to go on with these children and their parents.

    It is interesting that parents are naming their children have elements found here on Mother Earth. I know of two young female named Miles and named River.

  2. Thia Belden says:

    DeLightFull read!!!Yes….flowing in the lovelight,expanding into my higher self and experiencing joy as life!
    Thank you DeAnne, always

    • DeAnne says:

      Always sending love and gratitude to lovely women rising like you, Thia and Judy… WE ARE ONE, WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE LOVE! 🙏🏽❣️

  3. mark says:

    I’ll be brief! This New Day posting has all of the wisdom, energy and magic of DeAnne’s webcasts. It is VERY powerful. I’ll definitely read it a few times. (The music too! The photos are on another level. Entirely transcendent!). There are so many sparkling gems amongst the carpet of gold laid down by these words. My favorite: “The spiritual path is about us realising that we are enough.” AND! There is an amazing gem from the very end of the Oct.3 2021 webcast that just thrilled me to the core. I just went back to that webcast to quote it correctly and clicked EXACTLY on the precise spot. “What you imagine, imagines you.” This – to me – is SO powerful. And NEW!

    • DeAnne says:

      This post makes me all kinds of HAPPY! Often times I read what people share from my shows and I’m like, “I said that?’ lol But it is your ENERGY Mark that I feel and that means the most to me. It just communicates a new human elevated vibe that fills my heart!!
      Gratitude for stopping by and sharing. 🙏🏽❣️

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