Water, Miracles, Love… Unfolding The Wing Of The Feminine

As eternal souls,
we exist in singularity with the universe.
Dr Zach Bush

Good Morning Beloved Family!

WOW~~ do I have a GIFT to share with you. This is perhaps the most important interview of this time. It will still your mind, expand your heart, deepen your passion for life and likely stimulate the greater wisdom you came to this planet to remember NOW. Zach Bush is definitely a doctor of wisdom. of the future, of the heart and of the New Earth. In this video, he is interviewed by Aubrey Marcus, who is also a student of Self and of life with a beautiful new masculine heart you will feel in this presentation.

Some highlights:

* Remember the Mother

* If you would like to participate in the future of humankind, you must let go of fear and guilt!

* The virus is an upgrade

* Death is the biggest upgrade we can have

* Every soul came to this NOW to do something – including you!

* You are here to sit at the table with your human family

* Life – a breath hold moment of something so beautiful.

*We are here to witness beauty.

* Our galaxy sits in a chakra center of the greater cosmos. The Human Experience is the Heart Chakra of all of the Universe!

* Why we might sign up for human life

In the words of Zach Bush:

“When you’re in singularity, temporal relationships do not exist.
Everything is connected, everything is infinite, nothing is destroyed. Everything is cycling. Everything is yin and yang, everything is light and dark, everything is always balanced. 

So why would our species pick this dark human experience that has forgotten its connection to everything?

I believe we’ve signed up for this journey so we could sit in the sunshine with our feet outstretched while watching the sun set below the horizon. So we could wonder about the steam rising from a cup of tea. So we could ponder the seconds as they go by and feel the energy between the moments. So we could experience the temporal reality that we humans, with our limited minds, remain in — something you can’t get in singularity in the absence of time. 

We’re in an infinite game, playing a finite moment. As particle beings and expressions of light energy, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of human thriving never before seen on this planet. In these temporal bodies, if we choose to stay and play, we could witness something more beautiful than our human minds can ever imagine.”

What does that look like? Don’t miss this newly released appearance on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast to find out.”

Let me know what you think… what does this information inspire in you? As Zack expresses many times, there is no scarcity to love.

Beyond The Virus of Fear and Guilt: Time well spent!!

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6 comments on “Water, Miracles, Love… Unfolding The Wing Of The Feminine
  1. darstar1@sbcglobal.net says:

    This has got to be the most inspirational, uplifting, informative video I’ve ever watched! It filled me with so much hope for the future and excitement that I get to see and experience what no human has ever seen and experienced.

    I especially loved the story about the bird with one wing. Yes, we are so ready to fly. It’s fun to just imagine what 2028 will be like!

    • DeAnne says:

      The dreamtime gifted me this image Darlene, in honor of the one winged bird.That metaphor was so beautiful… as for 2028… let’s focus on the stunning and amazing and transformative year of 2022! 😉 Remember, who we are being IN THE MOMENT is constantly altering the trajectory – this moment is the only thing we have and know for sure. And it has EVERYTHING available. Let’s imagine what THIS year will be like! ❣️🙏🏽🌟🌎 Yes, Let’s Fly!

  2. Jaci says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….SO much info, wisdom, truth telling, mind, body, heart opening throughout these amazing 2hours that I’m resonating with-The power of feminine, remembering the mother, Zacks journey, getting out of fear & guilt, the end of making virus wrong, allowing the Divine heart to open within each soul, the WATER part,
    I’m still letting sink in and the prayer at end which I as crying with them both.
    I Love you DeAnne! Blessed be it all!!

    • DeAnne says:

      Love you too Jaci,
      So grateful for ALL the Alignments of Truth that are occurring in and for our world. The “cream is rising to the top” so to speak… the best of humanity is pushing up and out of the separation and density to better know them SELVES and the wisdom we each came to share in this now! And yes, I was dropped into deep stillness, the zero point of my heart in that ending prayer. I don’t even know what was said – but I felt the wisdom and frequency of True Existence. Love Wins!!

  3. mark says:

    I’m with Jaci. and everybody else of course. I am SO thankful that you posted this video.
    I might easily have overlooked it on a simple recommendation as there are so many things-good things even!- calling for my attention. But this was truly inspiring. And encouraging. And vitally informative. And SANE! So important to ME at this moment.
    Of the many many things. I LOVE the joy on Zach Bush’s face each time he comes back to point that the healer never actually heals the ‘patient.’ The patient heals him or herself through self realisation. Through remembrance. The joy on his face is in itself healing!
    I was already renewed and enlightened by the vast intelligence and heart shared in this interview BEFORE the prayer. Then!!! The prayer was SO beautiful. And restorative. And TRUE! Thank you again for posting this DeAnne. The image, ‘The Wing of the Feminine is truly transcendent as well!

  4. Cewing144 says:

    I’ve been aware since the mid-1990’s that all the systems built on the egoic masculine paradigm of greed, power and control were going to have to collapse in order for the reemergence of the divine feminine to rise up and balance out the toxic masculine. For 20 years I wondered how all the systems would collapse at the same time. Then Covid showed up and a couple months in I realized the answer to my question. I love how this conversation weaves all of the pieces together in a coherent and understandable way. Here’s to the creation of Heaven on Earth.

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