Blessed and Powerful Full Moon!

Love, Creativity, Self-Expression.
Full Moon in Leo, February 16, 11:56am eastern


Namaste’ New Humans,

February 2022 is the month that just keeps on giving. The “snow moon” on Wednesday is a bold, creative and powerful Full Moon ~ bringing a little sparkle into our lives at a time when all of existence feels especially LIT UP!

We are still very much in a significant energetic doorway (2/2/22 – 2/22/22), providing a powerful opportunity to SHIFT PERSONAL NARRATIVES in support of alignment with very positive, new trajectories.

This Leo Full Moon requires us to assess how aligned we are with our higher purpose. Key questions to ponder during the Full Moon in Leo are: Is there balance in how I love intimately, in friendships, in work and in self care? How can I express myself more effectively in both personal and impersonal ways? What do I want to stand for in this NOW? How can I express myself more creatively? Am I as committed to the whole as I am to my individual desires—or vice versa?

Full Moons are portals for us to release everything that is bogging us down.

In one of the local vortexes In Asheville there is a harmonizing portal. This portal is exquisitely guarded by a grand sentient tree being who has formed her growth and roots in “harmony” with this portal. This comes to mind to share with you because the energy of this portal AND this Full Moon are the same: tomorrow, wherever you are or whatever you are doing, you are encouraged to consider if there is balance between being and doing, between the masculine and the feminine, between being serious and disciplined and light and joyful in your life. As the Divine Feminine continues to flourish on the earth plane, this snow moon encourages us to soften our stance and allow more gifts to come into our field so that we may align more fully with our NOW purpose and what we truly value in life. It is a creative and intuitive time where your prayers and intentions should be about what you wish to magnetize into your life.

Additionally, the proud, creative and self-expression of Leo Moon with the Sun in eccentric, futuristic and inventive Aquarius, happens when Mars and Venus come into their yearly alignment! Many just celebrated the Super Bowl on the Earth Plane – well this day is like a Cosmic Superbowl with so much love showing up for humans and planet. When Mars and Venus come together in this nature, it makes for one of the most magical days of the year. Mars rules our ability to drive forward in life, as well as, our passion ~ while Venus rules beauty, attraction and romance. Combined, we get to experience a balance of the divine masculine with the divine feminine. Again, HARMONY. We are collectively invited to explore our desire to march to the beat of our own drums, all while keeping cognizant of how this affects others. It is a time of individual creativity, coupled with cooperation towards a common goal. UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

As we continue to deepen into the gifts of this 2022 magic,
we must create the space and get still enough
to let Rise what is ready to Rise.

2/2/22 – 2/22/22 expresses the unity of higher and lower realms. This period holds strong 222 initiation energy. Everything will turn out for the best in the long-term.  Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being worked out by spirit for the highest good of all involved.

When you trust the process of life, you are always relaxed and peaceful. Lean into this time ~ it is the stuff new dreams are made of.

Love Always, Love All Ways,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Blessed and Powerful Full Moon!
  1. ruty says:

    Hello DeAnne, opened your mail at exactly 18;56 =11;56 your time.
    Blessings of this full moon for/to was all gold last night. will immerse in the above guidance tomorrow. Thank you .

    I received today…: from A poem by the late Thich Nhat Hanh :
    “I am still water. I reflect the sky faithfully.
    Look, I have a full moon within my heart,
    the refreshing moon of the bodhisattva .
    Breathing out,I offer the perfect reflection of my mirror-mind.”

    …. Love is in the air -moon light everywhere. We’re Blessed.

    • DeAnne says:

      I love the poem Ruty, Gratitude for sharing. Both Thich Nhat Hahn and water have so much to gift the planet… I have been listening to a song called Be Like Water by Lo Wolf that says, Let me be like water, fluid and forgiving. 🙏🏽 It was a powerful and blessed Full Moon. ❣️

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