Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse!

Full Blood Moon In Scorpio
Total Lunar Eclipse

Sunday, May 15th, 9:32pm EDT

Namaste’ New HUmans,

What an incredibly powerful, dynamic, active time to be human on this beautiful blue planet. I am sure you have all been feeling the effects of the energy gate this weekend. Yes, a Scorpio moon can be intense, digging deep into the emotional waters of the psyche. Yet, I have a Scorpio Moon and have never felt so grateful to experience it’s often serious intention to KNOW THY SELF. The combination of this Full Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse amplifies Scorpio energy of transformation into greater alignment with the Authentic Self. A death and rebirth – old you, old paradigm – into greater purpose and true you. This weekend’s energetic lends itself to both Scorpio and Phoenix natures – both a shedding of old skin and rising up from the ashes of a personal and collective history. ALLOW the old to go. Rebirth cannot happen without some type of death! What are those old programs and perspectives and beliefs?

Greater Authenticity is one of the KEY facets of the New Paradigm. Eclipses are known to accelerate events that need to happen for your Soul growth and transformation. This eclipse is bringing stuff up in our personal and collective lives that need to be purged. Allow. Welcome. Observe you being a human being and give yourself permission to rest, to create space to do exactly what your spirit feels it needs to do this weekend. Claim the full possibility that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings, which is so much! This energy is so profound and it is unfolding on so many levels and across so many dimensions – including an accelerated awakening of Gaia – 5D Earth, the Mother. She is an incredible ally and resource, teacher and guide in coming back into harmony and coherence.

The TREES are in an incredibly expanded state – so being in their presence and the presence of nature and just observing and allowing yourself to tune into the magnificence, the divinity, the crystalline coherence and New Earth energies already present right now, is both perfect and essential. EVERYTHING beneath, above and within you is supporting the blossoming of the Authentic Self. The beauty of the natural world and all of nature holds so many insights and so much wisdom to humanity’s transformation. Create the time to ALLOW all of this energy to flow through you and to let the light RISE UP! Which will illuminate your divine Self and purpose. Jump! Leap! Refine Intentions. Stay out of judgement or resentment – this Super Moon marks the bookend of this eclipse window that has brought powerful and unexpected change in endings, beginnings and transitions. Whatever you have set into motion over the last couple of weeks, has tremendous momentum and will have far reaching effects. And yet, do not THINK about it, what that looks like or how or why or when – that is the small self wanting to stay in control. The way forward into this MAGICAL NEW CREATION and UNIONS of POWER, harmony and love – is to continue to FEEL what is being shown, being called forth – and ALLOW ALLOW ALLOW.

The image above is from Diamond Magnetic Earth energy this week… following the Mystery into deep nothingness. Totally Present. With the Mother. As with the gateway this weekend, there is SO MUCH GOING ON in this image. Notice the coding in the rays… the colors – I was in a pretty dense forest and yet the LIGHT was undeterred! The willingness and LOVE of so much and many from so many realms of Light, to see this planet to VICTORY is both humbling and inspiring. Tap on the photo to see greater detail – and just BREATH IN the remembrance of what is being both personally and collectively birthed at this time.

May Your Journey be filled with Discovery and your Being DAZZLED by this Light.

With Love, Always, All Ways,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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