Taking Flight!

River flowing.
Time quickening.
Movement gaining momentum.
All density being swept away.
Old paths crumbling. New paths forming.
Magnetic Reparation


Namaste’ New HUmans,

I received an email that prompted me to share. I feel the personal experience this “new human” shared is very much reflective of what many are going through at this time. With permission, I AM sharing both the email and response with you here, in hopes many may find it helpful and illuminating. First, let me emphasize that if you are opening yourself to this new light and creating space for this mid-July acceleration – you are going to be feeling pretty funky, with a lot of questions about Self and reality as you know it. Remember, no matter what your experience is, be it dark, be it painful, be it lonely… or RADIANT and joyful with new community forming ongoing – the Universe sees you, loves you and is giving you the experience your Soul yearns for, to facilitate the SHIFT from one reality of experience to another. You are NOT alone. You are ALWAYS O.K and every breath you take is expanding with the breath of the Universe. It can be NO OTHER WAY. Because there is only LOVE and Unity Consciousness is reclaiming this planet and species. Breathe deeply and often.

An email from a listener:


Hi Deanne and the shining ones

I would like to express my gratitude to you and the shining ones
The night of the full moon super moon,  I had so much discomfort, anxiety and horrible feelings bubbling up inside of me.
As bad as I have felt in a long time
I was lying in bed and I suddenly thought of the beautiful 5th dimension meditation from the last webcast!
So I put that on 
I don’t remember much after that
But I woke up and I have felt absolutely amazing since that time
So I have given thanks to the moon and the creator
And It is with much joy and love I  would like to thank you and the shining ones for your beautiful impact you have had on me over this time,


Dear New HUman,

We are in the midst of a pretty intense acceleration, the purpose of which is to help us (humanity) continue to release old programming and realign with our true identity. It is really helpful in my world to remind myself of this OFTEN! We are going to have days where things feel pointless, when negative self talk becomes kinda crazy making, the exhaustion feels as if it will never end and we feel very, very alone. It is not possible to feel ANY of these things when we are in our essence, aligned with Source, vibrating love. ALL of these very frustrating and sometimes paralyzing shenanigans can only be experienced if we are in ego, the egoic identity – which is like a mustard seed in size compared to the greater extent of who we are. ALL the chaos, destruction, uncertainty and even manipulation in the world around us – is ALSO going on within. Everything that is no longer working in the systems of our collective world and in the conditioning of our personal belief/persona/perception is breaking down. The inner and the outer always mirrors … the difference being that in this NOW, the poles are shifting. All to answer the question – WHO ARE WE WITHOUT EGO?!?!?!
Another helpful understanding is that when you/we – any of us – are feeling anxiety, distress etc of any kind – that we are also hooked in to those same emotions and feelings in the collective. Because we are all connected. When we start tuning into our “dis-ease” from the perspective of “what would I say to a friend in the same experience, what could I offer to uplift, encourage, reassure another feeling this horrible”… that automatically defuses the ego – which doesn’t know better than to make everything about it – ie personal. 
I AM GRATEFUL that you found relief in the meditation – a pivot of sorts from what the ego was locked into, to the  EVERYTHING ELSE that is available and true. In the quietest moments, when we allow for perfect stillness in our lives – – it is pretty astonishing how much this species (myself included) has bought into the small and powerless identity – when we are Infinite and POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. 
This is a tremendously powerful time to CHOOSE, moment by moment, with Conscious awareness – what story we want to continue to live and identify with. HAVE COMPASSION for the small self that did the best it could and did not know any better at the times of choosing and creating from limitation. But it IS A NEW DAY. The light expands and collective awareness pivots toward GREATER AWARENESS daily. FEEL this unique acceleration in your body, the magnetic pull UP ABOVE THE DENSITY. Channel every moment through your heart, especially the very personal deep dives into your own psyche and emotional body. Ask, WHAT WOULD LOVE DO? And determine to get still enough to hear the new story your soul has already written for you. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE (end of response)
This email was waiting for me after my morning run. The above image was taken this morning and with astonishing intelligence, is also communicating a response to ALL of our moments of believing we are small and nothing will ever change. NOTICE THE MOVEMENT in BOTH of the images – neither image is static – nor is the current ascension energy. The one above immediately reminded me of FLIGHT. PRESENCE so strongly expressed in various dimensional levels of participation. What do you feel? WHO do you sense present in the colors, tones and images expressed here?
And the photo below – another image taken on the 4th of July – more Freedom Codes? A common experience of my vortex outings ALL OVER Western North Carolina is that of the earth opening herSelf to us, inviting humans to enter a doorway in one location (I mean literally) and come out on the other side! Of something! Through a tunnel? A wormhole? A dimensional Bridge? People have described such experiences as being birthed out of the Mother herself! One male human with admitted claustrophobia, crawled through a rock portal into a cave of sorts and out the other side. When he emerged from the tunnel – he said he felt like he had been through a car wash! 😉
The below image is from INSIDE one of these earth portals – looking from the entrance through to the other side. MOVEMENT! A sweeping up and into. Magnetic shifts – a new gravity powerfully establishing a new grid. The green energy in IN THE PASSAGE – the darker upper and lower energy is the passage way. The white image you see emerging from the earth on the left of the photo – is one I have captured, day and night, in many different settings. It is Extraterrestrial!
There is so much to explore in both images. Notice what you notice. Feel what you feel. And know that the “so much more” that you experience in these images – is happening everywhere, all the time, in your reality and our collective world. Open your hearts, new humans… let the FEAR and belief in separation GO, TRUST the PRESENCE that is available to our current Ascension and TRUST what is RISING UP FROM WITHIN YOU. There is only Love. And you are SO POWERFUL in that love. What are you ready to create? Take action. Walk into it. BE the FORCE that you are.
With Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones.
p.s. apologies that cut-n-paste of the email made latter half of post without indentation – did try to fix! Also, remember to click on images to enlarge.
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4 comments on “Taking Flight!
  1. Judy C Wollam says:

    The pix that you took is amazing, DA. I feel more love and energy flowing thru to us. Thanks.


    • DeAnne says:

      You are welcome and THANK YOU Judy! I feel it is important to share these moments so that many may experience this very new and unique energy! I have SO MANY – especially since the Solstice – just waiting for energy transmissions they align with. The blue energy you see at the bottom of the top photo – WAIT TIL YOU SEE how that is really expressing in this now – LOTS of coding and sacred geometry in the quantum field interacting with us. I AM also kinda mesmerized by that small rectangular shaft of white that gives the whole image a kind of dragonfly feel?? I have selenite quartz pieces that are that exact shape… I feel it serves as an anchor or stability for the FLIGHT expressed. WE ARE SO LOVED!!

  2. ruty says:

    Do you remember Deanne that 1 day you ran to an often visited spot of small swamp-pond and &that day it turned pond full of lotuses.

    This High colors Light jet comes straight @ ME.is it indicating that no-thing can escape it ? are the 2 orbs the old world to new one?
    2nd pic- as I open it ->the (Healing?)green shifts like little waves.
    then, it stops & become static.

    Pema Chodron said that when a butterfly moves it’s wings in the Amazon, it is felt in Europe. for me when anyone adds even only 2 words on this platform -the INTENT of JOINING makes our collective Light Ray Beams much more powerful. like multiple suns shine together. big battery .

    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly. ~ anonymous . Blessings. Ruty

  3. ruty says:

    Hi DeAnne, if U’ll see this & a ‘relating-to’ feels ‘fitting in’->
    I keep looking @ the blue diamond necklace adorning the pond in perfect layout. exquisite.(Royal Gaia?)I can’t decipher it(not always necessary).

    You related ‘via’ Judy:”The blue energy you see at the bottom of the top photo – WAIT TIL YOU SEE how that is really expressing in this now”…
    The word for Blue(other language)contains in it POWER. Namaste’.

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