Agni Fire, Inner Truth!

Fall Equinox 2022
Thursday, September 22
9:04 p.m., Eastern.


Namaste’ New HUmans,

I was talking with a new human in Australia recently about “spiritual fire”, the agni of the Vedic rishis who said that the inner fire is the Fire of Truth, and the source of bodily transformation into the New Human Being. Breathe that in. Early the next morning I went for a run on the ridgeline above my home and was met with this brilliance. The POWER of this moment was palpable. An expression of Kali, Durga, Shiva, Shakti FIERCE Feminine holiness all expressed in ONE stillpoint moment. I closed my eyes and felt this power, this red brilliance move toward me and envelop my whole being. The rishis believe that the future of the body is in this burning, this inner fire. This is not a burning of destruction but the burning of the Fire of Life itself. I absolutely felt the Field mirroring back to me my own center and devotion to greater Truths. It was a stillpoint infused with sound and light harmonics, communicating directly with my cells: LOVE. POWER. WISDOM. TRUTH. 

When I AM lost – she finds me.

The Equinox Gateway this week is very unusual this year. There is a dramatic vacuum on either side of this gateway reminding us that as the outer world descends into darkness, there is much to explore in our inner experience. The Invitation: Allow your Truth to emerge from those inner depths.

A theme we have been exploring quite a bit, all things new human, is how these ongoing, dramatic shifts and choice points are leaving many feeling exhausted, grateful and expanded, ALL AT ONCE. There is a new realm division present, thanks to a new collective trajectory being anchored by decades of Lightworkers in service.

The only way to come to the altar of this Now
is with ZERO agenda

This RELEASE of the Old Feminine Archetype with the Queen’s passing has created space for an Assemblage of Legions of Angelics, Masters, Star Family and Highest Orders of Light ~ ALL of which indicates another jump in our process. What might that look like?

Bring awareness to a greater determination to not be held back, judged or perceived in a lesser vision than who you know your Self to be. Use the Gaia moment captured here to breathe in both the Kali Yuga of destruction and yet, the New Feminine Energy of quiet strength, allow your inner fire to speak to you of RISE and transparency and purpose infused with passion. Guidance has been increasingly clear with thin veils and consistent Solar/magnetic activity.  A perfect Now to share what is happening with your higher levels, Gaia, and collective trajectories.

This morning I was strongly pulled up into Diamond Magnetic/New Feminine Earth Energy, to a Dragons Den. The images and light I captured there will be the invitation to the October Energy Update – so stay tuned for that. A few things that came in to share with you here as we head into this Equinox week … Close your eyes and breathe this in:

Everything that has ever happened to you has brought you to this moment – don’t allow anything to distract you from it. Zero Point Energy is stronger than any thing or one who tries to pull you out of your own Inner Truth. Universal energies and the angels are working behind the scenes to ensure that your desires, aspirations, and wants are achieved. You should, therefore, stay focused on your highest expectations and keep following your passion. The Inner Self is coming into Alignment – keep knowing you will be provided for. 

Personally, that “moving on” – things passing – a letting go of something long clung to that came in with the passing of Queen ( see previous blog, Living Oneness)  – I FEEL this fierce new Presence within to strengthen the commitment between DeAnne and her Soul. The Dragon Elves spoke through me into the stillness up on a quiet mountain this morning:

I need nothing.
My desire is to Love, Serve and Remember

and all the moments in between – STILLNESS – befriend the nothingness.

Stay close to the knowing that you will be provided for. In the new realms, you lack nothing. Your energies of personal power will increase as you step out of your comfort zone and pursue what you are required to follow.

Living with uncertainty is an art fueled by your inner fire.

A significant pivot of consciousness – SHIFT IN ENERGY has to do with how we regard the Feminine

You are deeply loved and cared for and cherished and you have nothing to fear

Remembering this Truth feels like home.


Some stillness to sit with and perhaps journal on this Fall Equinox Gate:

What is your Spiritual Truth?

Imagine this Gateway as a place to enter into a deepening within your Self. What would you let go of so as not to take it with you – and what new would you like to discover and get to know about your inner being?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine how this change feels in your body. What are some ways you could hold and nurture yourself more through the coming seasons of transformation?     

Finally, each Gateway this year has provided increased momentum toward a New Reality with new understandings of Self, who we are in the world and how we have come to be of service to an evolving world. Think back on the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice as you come into this newest Gateway of 2022. What have you experienced? What deserves to be celebrated? What new chapters have you opened up in your life?

Included below – I Am humbled and honored to share with you a new song from Leah Song, one of 2 musical sisters that make up Rising Appalachia. These words are especially meaningful in this NOW.

a new culture is emerging
let your life call out your rumble

What are you ready to be fierce about and devoted to new humans?

As with so many powerful shift points in 2022 thus far, this Fall Equinox ushers us into a new “season of being” – one that asks us to COME NEW, to this moment, this Gateway, this NOW. LET GO of what you have been taught and learned and conditioned to be and determine to find our own language, guidance, perception, and desires.

This moment is BRAND NEW – and YOU are BRAND NEW in it. The experience of a 5D, higher vibrating reality asks us to move without thought, to know our intention and feel our way into new expressions of beingness. “Let your life carve out your rumble.” The invitation is to walk now where there are no footsteps. To trust the Mystery and the uniqueness of who you are. You cannot add to what is already full. Empty your hands, knowing it is only then that you may receive. Empty your mind, becoming the student, the inner explorer, the pathfinder who knows each moment of life is the greatest teacher. Become the listener, hearing the wisdom in each moment, meditation and conversation. Become the intuitive, sensing the guidance in moments of silence. And TRUST YOUR HEART!

Zero Point – the stillness beneath the stillness of the NEW that is emerging from within you… in that deep space/time of nothingness – we share the dream of ONE MIND, reliving experiences of our lives – not from personal experiences but through the thoughts and feelings of those we influenced; the LOVE we have lived and shared. This allows for the transformation and evolution of ALL consciousness – gateways within gateways, portals within portals, doorways within doorways, filled with Compassion Joy Oneness and Meaningful Purpose. Within each Gateway – are gateway valleys that contain intersection points of remembrance. As you begin this Gateway week, clear everything else away and create sacred space for the intersecting points of your own remembrance.

Sending you off into this great mystery with this song – THANK YOU VERY MUCH, by Rising Appalachia. Along with these sisters of song and love – may we say THANK YOU every single day in the way we personally greet the world and walk through each sacred moment.

We are the ONE LOVE of a New HUmanity Rising,
Always in my heart,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



Thank You Very Much
by Leah Song of Rising Appalachia

I am humble
I am holding the creative culture shift unfolding.
I believe that we will receive that through song
Beloved sound and art we are holding.

I know sometimes it’s hard
But baby don’t stop moving towards that fire.
I know we ain’t got too long
We are mighty warriors stepped up in song.
And I said good morning Tuesday thanks for your song I like
Like when I roll out of bed and it carries me along and I
I want to ask you for your lyrical touch to my…
New found melody I said thank you very much

Thank you very much
I said thank you very much
Thank you very much, thank you very much
I said thank you very much

I can hear them train tracks love the sound the clickity clack
We don’t need no roads here, take me where the game stops
I want to honor all the lessons of my father
for my life and longer and together we are stronger.

I want to sing all the songs taught by my mother.
Fierce but still be subtle let your life call out your rumble.
Let me tell you, we are out to get ’em
Nobody knows what hit ’em
love is made to lift ’em.

I say thank you, I say thank you
I say thank you, thank you very much
I say thank you, I say thank you
I say thank you, thank you very much

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6 comments on “Agni Fire, Inner Truth!
  1. Pam Mason says:

    Deanna, Thank You! In prayer this morning September 19, heard ” Golden Silence, I saw a fire and was told to step into it. All you have shared resonates.

  2. Robert Ong says:

    Excellent post and timing. I feel it! and am living it! Love to you…

  3. Jayne says:

    Thank you DeAnne! “Thank you very much” – I loved this song – I was teary and smiling deeply at the same time!

    I will read this again & again through this magical time of the year & of our lives. Bless you – I hold you in my heart!

    Jayne xo

  4. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude to these beautiful new humans, Robert, Pam and Jayne… for BEING HERE NOW and doing the good work to stay awake and bring light to the world. LIVING IT, BEING IT, BREATHING IT ~ you are ALL awesome and I SEE YOU!! Love xoxoxoxoxo

  5. ruty says:

    EQUINOX BLESSINGS , so much to experience , express EMIT to the
    W W W -World Wake Walk into all consuming Holy Sacred Fire:

    L (light) O (omnipresent) V (victorious) E (eternal) – IT IS .
    with Eternal Gratitude I(we) enfold within.
    and wide open heart love enriched, Thank you DeAnne , The Shining Ones.

  6. mark says:

    I don’t know Jayne. Haven’t had that pleasure. But I do know Robert and Pam!
    I wish you the best and more. And am so happy to see y’all still in this circle.
    Love, Mark

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