Entering Eclipse Season

Namaste’ New HUmans,

We are entering the mid-October acceleration point this weekend. With more New Light influxes, the potential is strong for more dismantling and more anomalies in our time-space experience. Heightening of frequencies delivers a heightening of our Ascension experience. The earth Mother is radiant with invitation into greater deepening, stilling the mental and emotional body with piercing golden light activation in the pineal, as Vision and Clarity anchor and expand.This month has been its own spiral of fast shifts, soul growth and a few surprises thrown in for good measure, ALL to prepare for the second Eclipse Portal of the year: October 25th – November 8.

This Eclipse Portal promises to be a time of significant acceleration of the collective and individual evolutionary pace. A Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the South Node of the Moon will open new doors and bring fated changes in our lives. Jupiter retrogrades back to Pisces shortly after, supporting our spiritual journey and our willingness to explore the higher meaning of what we are going through.

There is so much Present to pivot Consciousness in a new direction; new perception and new choice points. So the work is to be increasingly aware of Self! You are standing in a moment. That moment energetically is brand new. No karma. No tethers to past lives and collective history. And yet, do your choices reflect a new mind, a new heart, a new path moving forward? The current evolutionary pace is providing an evocative pivot out of thought, out of seeking and filling our days with gathering intellectually, to a courageous trust in what is rising from within. 

As we explored and worked with in the October New HUman Transmission, ( http://deannehampton.com/archives/19189 ) identity is breaking down; the way we relate to one another and existence, how we develop relationship and why, along with heightened vigilance around personal conditioning. Again, AWARENESS OF SELF. “Am I driving myself through this evolutionary moment or feeling my way, trusting my own inner knowing and capacity for Love?”  Pure hearts, crystalline hearts, no agenda, will feel a strong pull toward your desired realm choice. When aligned with your desired realm choice, there will not be time for thought or doubt, Presence and your own inner wisdom will compel you to constant, clear action. The strength of your heart, instinct, intuitive knowing, can be amplified with proper focus.This takes dedication, devotion, stillness and a fierce willingness to walk out beyond sure footing and the known foundations. We are so accustomed to dense, limited choices of reality. And to seeking what we feel is missing outside of Self. 

SO MUCH is endeavoring to get our attention, a Field of the highest truth magnetically infusing consciousness with the natural state of Divine, expansive, limitless creation. Yes, the old realm choices are chaotic and unrelenting with dismantling. But in the chaos and dismantling, are more possibilities opening in these realms: in your life, in my life, as humanity answers a different call the world over. Every higher choice opens us to more possibilities. Expansion reveals limitlessness.

The coming Eclipse window, though brief, will be powerful. NOW is a perfect time to prepare for the wave of this next cycle, which begins this Friday – 10/14. One of the strongest observations being revealed is how many of us are being tasked with new states of beingness. This is so important to sit with and turn around in your inner stillness. I was working with a gentleman yesterday to clear some obstructions that have been present and limiting him since childhood. It is one thing to know there are old beliefs, trauma and programming that have been limiting your journey in varying capacity – it is quite another to know what to do about the trauma. After exploring and identifying the old choices points, one step of practical guidance that came in for him was to simply acknowledge, identify, bring awareness to whether the habitual self or the New Self, was making choices in his day to day. When we are truly present, IN THE MOMENT, and intuiting the choices of our day, trusting and following energy, your Crystalline senses will show you the truth.

I will share a personal example! When I was in my 20’s, I started a small cleaning business called Sunshine Enterprises, to pay for college. It proved to be pretty successful. I learned that I could clean local businesses rather than personal homes, which allowed scheduling late at night or very early morning around my class schedule – AND it paid much better. Great idea and choice for that moment in my life.

Fast forward a dozen years or so, now on my spiritual journey, leaping off a few cliffs of self along the way. I had enjoyed a relatively brief but very fulfilling career using 7 years of hard won college education. Then my Soul, inner wisdom, knew that if I wanted to go out beyond the known of my Self and discover a truer purpose for being on this planet – I had to let go of the system entirely. In one of my earlier books I called this period “hanging in the dangle.” I had no idea what I was suppose to do or how to support a Masters level income reality. Before too long, I met a realtor through one of my very early webcasts ~ she lived local and did vacation rentals. She offered me a job CLEANING luxury vacation rentals.

It was GOOD MONEY as I found myself suddenly with no income. But mind you, I was now on the journey! I was aware enough to know, and feel, how critical bringing consciousness to old patterns was in the journey to Self. Here I was, CLEANING again. This was an old groove of Self. One that actually became established as a core piece of identity for me in childhood. I wasn’t awake enough to catch it in my 20’s… but I felt the tenacity of this old pattern reverberating all the way to my core. PAY ATTENTION. LIMITATION PRESENT. No judgement of good or bad, right or wrong. But was this a pattern I wanted to continue as I stepped out into a new and very different experience of reality? Was I truly ready to KNOW THY SELF, as Divine Light and a powerful Creator! Did I have faith in something Greater to support me?

Imagine this next cycle, beginning this Friday, to be a doorway you willingly open and choose to walk through. NO THOUGHT about what is on the other side. NO need. NO agenda. Only the desire to trust what you do not yet know about your life, more than what you do! Be clear about your choice of reality, and demonstrate it in thought, word, feeling, action and creation. There is tremendous vibrational support for higher realm expression and creation NOW. That same higher realm activity lends the same intensity to collapse. Become devoted to your own energy, your inner light and inner being. Make maintaining the vibration of your intention a daily priority as the lower realities struggle and reality as we know it SHIFTS into a higher octave. Get on with creating NEW!

Points of Awareness:

Sunday, October 23rd – 6:36 AM ET:

October 23 is an intense day of energetic shifts. Both the Sun and Venus enter intense Scorpio. This alignment invites us into a deeper understanding of ourselves, others and human nature. Scorpio penetrates beneath the surface of things while the Sun illuminates something we normally don’t see or don’t want to see.

Venus also entering the sign invites us to deepen our relationships, bring them to a new level, and aim at those potent transformations and healing that can only happen through a profound connection with another human being. I know I will be really paying attention to this as new alliances are forming that are essential to the New Earth Creations we are entrusted with at this time.

Finally, there is a triad of Saturn in Aquarius that will square Uranus in Taurus, marking a turning point in our maturation and deconditioning process. WOW! This alignment really shines the light of awareness on bringing our attention to how our conditioned responses and fears are holding us back from building and creating the future we desire, marking the last phase of a revolutionary shift in social structures and collective values.

October 25th, 6:48 AM ET
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus

Did anyone say emotional intensity? Do not let the fact that this is a partial eclipse fool you. An eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus, connected to the South Node of the Moon brings our karmic past, purging unprocessed grief and emotions front and center and a necessary SHIFT to allow a new beginning to take place. I was out on the Gaia Realms recently, sitting on a rock lookout over a colorful Fall landscape in the mountains. And I very clearly heard and felt, RECONSIDER YOUR SOUTH NODE!!

Wait – what? You mean I can have a new start on old, emotional conditioning and belief? What a freakin gift, this NOW. We need only be willing to LIVE as new beings making new choices based in Trust and Love. Letting everything else go! This New Moon Solar Eclipse will be colored by emotional intensity, potentially excavating issues around intimacy, trust and vulnerability, particularly in our most intimate relationships. Be present and just dig deep to call on your own tenacity and motivation to discover what truly drives you. Time to make unconscious intentions and patterns, CONSCIOUS! 

November 8th 5:16 AM ET – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

This Eclipse will be visible to Most of Asia and Australia, North and Central America and last almost 6 hours.

During a Lunar Eclipse the Earth is directly positioned between the Moon and the Sun. Somehow, that fills me with wonder!

Eclipses shake things up! The energies of this particular eclipse will trend toward endings, some very emotional. You might find certain things in your life get eclipsed suddenly, jobs, relationships, even beliefs and ideas.  A lunar eclipse is like 3 full moons in one 😮 – emotional intensity, lots of up and down and plenty of surprises. This energy serves as a culmination point. Welcome it with a grateful heart.

The greatest asset you have during such an event is your INTENTION! Total Eclipses are asking us to SHIFT. Go deep into your own wisdom and well of Self and use this energy to rid yourself of the things that no longer serve you. And even if you aren’t sure what those things are – they will be clear to you during this eclipse. Eclipses are cosmic adjustments which seem to hinder us, but in fact, help us maintain the right path – not the one we think of, but the one the soul knows. Lunar Eclipses in particular bring sudden changes that have the role of calibrating and adjusting our way and choices to destiny.

I have no doubt many of you reading this forecast, intuitively KNOW exactly how these potentials will likely play out in your lives. You know where you are in your journey and you know what is up for you personally. Think of these cosmic and planetary offerings as gifts to urge you on your way!  This entire passage over the coming weeks will be one of consistent activity, adjustments, and possibilities opening up for all of HUmanity. Loosening the density always has its physical representation: Weather. Our bodies. Conflict. Gaia shakes, clears, amplifies the organic stargates once more. As She calls, my heart expands, and fear is replaced with Love. I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and THERE IS ONLY LOVE. Let’s show humanity what is possible. We are as free as we dare to be.

I know where I AM headed ~
to someplace beyond this moment,
yet held in this moment.
It speaks to my heart of beauty and community
and new creations,
of the skill and abundance to get there, everyday!

After my run this morning, I sat down by a creek as the dogs cooled off in the crystalline waters. There were a handful of butterflies lightly dipping their legs in the waters edge. I slowly approached and extended a hand toward them. As they began to walk up and down my fingers, hand and arm, I observed them closely, merging as best I could, becoming the butterfly in my imagination. And what spoke to me interiorly, is that these delicate creatures of the One Love and One Life, accepted and trusted me via their feeling nature. They move through their life without thought or attachment, willingly venturing into unknown territory, interacting with creatures very different from their own species, not by logic or reasoning, but through instinct and energy. They are guided by the interconnected web of life that finds harmony and unity in the language of light that informs through a Universal Consciousness. This is our doorway, as well, to roundtable creation forums, including the high minds of many sciences and worlds toward the vision of emerging Communities of Light.

” The destiny of the world is written not with words but with consciousness and energy, frequency and light, geometry and color. Human nature is preparing for a huge leap. What does that mean? It means cellular change has been initiated and we must now change our habits, actions and the focus of our attention to a new level of consciousness.” The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age Of Light.

You are the you you are, SO very purposefully. You have known the experiences you have and walked the path you have thus far, SO very purposefully. Trust that awareness. Pause often. Breathe into the perfection within you. Nothing is missing. NOW will continue to evolve with Light as we come together in NEW AND EVOCATIVE ways. This Eclipse passage creates huge momentum toward new unions and Divine creations. Open your heart. Begin NOW.

New Earth, New Human, New Now ~
Eclipsing Separation
Only Love.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones 🦋

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  1. Robert Ong says:

    Thank you DeAnne for this beautiful transmission! I’m still flowing with it and will enjoy the coming “changes”. Much LOVE.


  2. ruty says:

    Namaste’ DeAnne and The Shining Ones for this V A S T expending & expensive current Energy/ies swirling within and without -everywhere and every Being upon this Earth .Thank you – Love too, IS Every where. Peace.

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