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Yesterday I had a blessed encounter with a black snake, very purposeful and pregnant with guidance, higher realms to human. It was a fleeting moment in that, I was flying down the side of a mountain on a bike … yet the intensity of my human experience allowed for the graceful flow of this four foot black snake to catch the rays of the sun as it moved from one side of the trail to the next. The impression of that moment lingers still, as well as the influence of its message from the Mystery. Snake represents the unveiling of sacred mysteries, the unraveling of repressed belief systems leading to transformation, creation and healing on all levels. The snake is cosmic consciousness, the ability to experience all things without resistance and the knowledge that all things are equal in creation. It signals a great transition in life through new opportunities and changes.

We are in the midst of a very active passage so I trust everyone is paying attention. There is no place you can hide from the promptings of the Light that is here with us now. Our skills as spiritual beings are getting amplified to keep up with and be able to hold the new light of pure love on the planet. Can you feel it? Take a moment to experience the light codes of the current featured chapter of The Shining Ones book, both reading and listening. It very much speaks to the shift happening within us and all around and the amplification of this incredible new light. It would be helpful to take a look at what occurred for you from the Equinox, Grand Cross the middle of April through the eclipse on the 29th because new skills were revealed that are very purposeful to your moving forward into the Gateway of May. Were there aha moments? Look at what you pulled in and allowed and surrendered and created. Pay attention to the many ways the Light Collective speaks to you because May marks another increase in frequency. Honor it with your heart and intent and welcome the expansion.

We looked at this passage in great depth in the April 29th transmission of the New Human Consciousness and Energy. It is for the purpose of balancing our new roles and amplifying greater service in our missions on planet earth at this time. Know that the work is changing for us all and much interplay is occurring between planetary portals and Light Servers. So it is not unlikely that you “just happen” to cross paths with people who compliment the intention and desires in your heart  – your new neighbors are old friends! Soul groups are gathering and we sense the magnitude of it all. The mind cannot comprehend but the heart is deepening in trust in anticipation of greater service. There is a giddy, breathlessness humming along beneath all the intensity and pressure so really pay attention to that and allow room for your spirit to have joy and be in communion and rest from the constant momentum of change. Remember, driven, mental energy is old masculine, Old Paradigm and will weigh tremendously on body, mind and spirit. If you find yourself impatient or frustrated, stop what you are doing and go talk to a tree – bring something New Paradigm into your home. As the energies amplify and balance becomes more exact (and it will) many will find themselves moving, relocating or taking on missions involving travel in May and June. Watch for this and do not concern yourself with the distance. Now is a time to heed the intuition and guidance. Say yes to your dreams and gravitate toward expressions of Unity and Oneness. This is not a time to isolate.

The next major Gateway is May 23rd, just after Mars goes direct once again. There will be another New Human transmission around that time as I see where the energies are taking us, what spaces are being filled in and opened wide. I know we can expect a bit of a reprieve mid May but only for those taking counteractive measures and allowing for balance and just basking in the Love of it ALL. The new light is a VERY high frequency vibration, intended for a 5D/6D planet of harmony, communion, shared gifts and honoring of the promise we all bring to this moment. The Light and higher consciousness is incredibly present and active in the in-between spaces of the pressure we all feel. After my snake encounter yesterday and a very fierce and free mountain bike ride, I was greeted by four horses in the parking lot of the nature preserve where we rode. One of them was grazing in lush grass in a far corner and I approached him with an open hand and heart of wonder. As I walked toward him, he advanced toward me. Everything else fell away except the exchange occurring between our eyes, horse to human, human to horse. It was a magical moment after which I took his halter and led him back across the grassy lea to his dad and siblings. It felt like an ancient connection, that encounter with the synchronistic world of Mystery and Light. Horse is a symbol of freedom and of the wind. Horse is a symbol of true power and the promise of movement, speed and adventure.

Are you ready for the adventure your spirit and the true love of this Universe has in store for you? Are you allowing for the winds to move you and move through you? The May Gateway is wide open for new possibilities and pure creation directed by our instinct, our love, our truest nature and trust in the unparalleled opportunities before us. It cannot be underestimated what has been accomplished thus far by the bold Souls who incarnated at this time and the freedom it provides. Do not doubt your contribution to what is unfolding or your ability to adapt to the changes calling you. Listen to the latest transmission again and again for supports in your journey, stay active to compliment the passage we are in and balance that movement with deep stillness and connection with the Earth Mother. Get lots of hugs. Give lots of hugs. Smile often as no one is a stranger. Your joy is co-creator with a Cosmic Force intent on rebooting the grid of a very new Earth and species. It is time. All is well.

MUCH Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Loved the stories about the snake and the horse.

    There is a popular TV program called Shark Tank. I’m pleased that several people have been on there presenting companies created with the concept of giving back and/or helping Mother Earth.


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