Welcoming The New


The good news for the species of planet earth today is that we have a rare opportunity NOW to stop creating with our minds, conditioning and thoughts, and to begin creating with our JOY – the frequency of our Light and the true vibration of a free love that is unconditional. These vibrant, electrical, molecular new frequencies of our bright potential as new humans with the power to transform what is no longer serving us, are comprised of the compassionate love and harmonics of attunement that can set our species free. The fullness of who we are is within. It is in each moment and breath of sovereign beingness. When we can embrace life with that awareness, surrendering all need and questions to the unknown potential of a brand new day for our planet, there is a decided air of peace and joyous gratitude that settles into the core of who you know yourself to be.

Excerpt from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age Of Light

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