Rainy Days, Waterfalls, Mastering May

I just returned from a few hours of hiking in the rain in the Shining Ones Forrest. It was penetratingly beautiful, serene and alive with the energies of Creation. I had been anticipating the waterfall at the top of the climb, knowing it would be full with abundant waters after a night of precipitation. I was not disappointed. I was also looking forward to walking across the 20 or so foot section of a big tree that fell many weeks ago just above and across the path of the waterfall. But a curious thing happened. When I climbed up to begin the walk across – I did not feel quite as stable as I normally do. Because the tree was wet with rain, I thought to take off my shoes to better grip the damp surface of bark. Even then, as I walked across, I felt moments of shimmer run through that felt like a bit of a wobble to my conscious thinking mind. After crossing once, I turned right around to go again, determined to find a more solid center in my endeavors.

What finally came to me is that it was, in fact, the energies bouncing off that waterfall, electric and so full, that was causing the moments of wobble and hesitation. It definitely became a practice of mind over matter. I trust myself – I know I have good balance – I have walked this tree many times before without pause – I was not afraid. And yet, in that moment, the forces of nature were noticeably strong and unyielding.

This little nature adventure is an apt metaphor for the greater energies we are in the midst of this middle May of 2014. Yesterday was a pretty powerful Full Moon in Scorpio that has been building all week. Scorpio is intense, deep, passionate in nature. This passage is calling for us to dive down deep – lots of potential for cathartic release. The invitation is to look earnestly and without fear at what is stuck, stagnant and no longer moving – to facilitate a new flow of energy coming in the rest of the month to move it all out. If there is resistance to change or clinging to a certain version of the story of who you have been, you can expect shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and break through energy manifesting in relationships, finances, personal values etc. It is incredibly important to be willing to look at and see what is not working, stagnant or old paradigm and then be ready, willing and able to face it, own your part in it and then take conscious action to shift things into a better frequency where EXISTENCE CAN BREATHE once more in your reality, through your body, mind and heart and in our greatly transforming world.

I talked quite a bit about detoxing and cleansing on the 11th – just before the Full Moon. Ultimately this lunation is clearing out toxins that inhibit you from really owning your power and the fact you are FEARLESS as a spiritual being embracing a very transient yet defining moment of your own mastery on the earth plane. We must take our thoughts and reasoning off what others are doing or what another’s journey looks like and place it squarely on the integrity of our own relationship with Existence, with the Light, with love and a very unknowable future. It is not our concern or even our quest to know the future. The finite self, ego consciousness clings to its known in hopes of securing its future – when the only thing it is securing is more time in the karmic wheel, playing out the human story of pain, suffering, helplessness, compliance and servitude again and again and again.

The theme of integration will continue for the rest of this month. If you have been present and paying attention, listening to your heart and willing to see life, your life, once and for all, truly and clearly – you have been given much guidance, illumination, aha moments and inner knowingness over the last month or so to assist you in a truer alignment with WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Be gentle, loving and allowing with yourself – yet be willing to notice what comes up for you, feel what you need to feel. I always encourage keeping a journal to help objectify what is surfacing and moving through. I also encourage talking about your feelings with someone capable of truly listening. It helps to know you are not alone in your process – that we are all in incredible depths of shift, change, transformation and passage into new life.

As I walked in the rain today, utterly enveloped in a seemingly infinite forest of greens, trees so grand with the majesty of Creation… my conscious mind relaxed into how natural and peaceful rain is. In the natural world, rain is as much a part of the nature as the trees, the flora and fauna. In the human realm, rain is often regarded as a nuisance, something to tolerate, something separate from. But in nature, there is no separation. At one point, the friend I was with asked me why she was soaked and I barely looked wet… hmmmm why indeed???

Be vigilant and devoted to your conscious awakening in these times. You are unlimited, there is nothing before you you cannot walk through, overcome, outwit, be contained by or held powerless to. Awakening is a choice. So is truly living your LIFE: Limitless Inspiration From Existence. When I was on that tree today – my focus was on crossing to the other side – not my fear. Let that be your metaphor in the days and weeks taking us into June.

Live your best life people – I cannot say it enough – this is your time.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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4 comments on “Rainy Days, Waterfalls, Mastering May
  1. Pam C says:

    Hi DeAnne – So, so beautifully written! Your words and message just magically flow. And I love the pictures; that massive tree makes for a really cool bridge for you (and probably Bodhi too)to cross over.

    Strangely this afternoon, I was standing in my closet clearing out old clothes, getting rid of clutter, old papers, etc. trying to make room for the new, and I unexpectedly became light headed and did a little spinning to the left. It was totally unexpected and only lasted for a minute or so. I thought there could be a connection to last night’s full moon/new energy and now I think this has been confirmed. Also, thank you for the reminders about the importance of journaling and detoxing. I go up and down with both of these, but know that if I stick with it I will eventually “get it”, but in my own timing. I missed the live call on Sunday, but have already listened to the replay twice, each time hearing something new (the birds in the background are cool). Coincidentally (or not), I encountered a red winged blackbird on Sunday, following me on a hike, then a couple of photos of this bird popped up again in the last couple of days. So, I know, I need to read about this bird’s spiritual message, and also put it in my journal:):) OK, that’s it. I am looking forward to your upcoming blogs and the next show. Peace and love, Pam C……………….PS: I found a new mountain near my house to explore that is just full of gynormous boulders and on a bed of quartzite. Nothing as spectacular as the mountains we hiked on in Asheville, but a nice slice of heaven for my area of earth:))

  2. sarahpuja says:

    I am in deep gratitude for these gifts offered to you that you so willingly turn and offer here. Thank you for doing the work and keeping focus on the path ahead rather than the fear. I feel tears in my heart knowing this gives me great strength.

  3. DeAnne says:

    Hello Ladies,

    Gratitude for sharing and your presence here on DeAnne Live. Finding new mountains is ALWAYS a good thing Pam 🙂 and sounds like the clearing process continues for you on many different levels. I feel it is good for you to be connected here to be reminded daily you are NOT alone and there is a much more expansive purpose for you to lend your gifts and light to. And Sarah, you are much stronger than you realize and you too are gathering much momentum in your movement toward community – the tribe of your heart and inner being who can see you clearly and hold space for you to keep stepping into. The energies here, on DeAnne Live are full of remembrance – an invitation into the frequencies where right and true alignments may happen more quickly and effortlessly. We are all ready for BIG reunions and the joy that entails! KEEP SHOWING UP!With BIG love xoxoxo DeAnne

  4. DeAnne says:

    p.s. Bodhi is right behind me Pam! 😉

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