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What a wondrous enigma of time we are in… I came across this photo and found it strangely fitting to represent both the greater energies we are navigating now and the themes found within today’s New Human transmission. Basically, essentially, the greatest seat of power is in the Divine Feminine. audrey-von-hawleyWhether you are inhabiting a male or female body this incarnation – you must find a balance in your lives and choices between the Will of the Ego and the Heart of this New Feminine, goddess love. It is a life giving, joy bearing, gentle wisdom and authority and it is deeming to guide us to a New Sun, a new foundation of life for Earth and humanity.

“Come empty and expect to be filled with what is true”… this is the constant assurance of the Shining Ones. Trust in what it unfolding now, for your lives and in our world. The remembrances, harmonics and wisdom of this ancient to future teaching is the future you have called in for the purpose of aligning your personality with your Soul. It is a grand reunion and I am honored to share this space with you. You are encouraged to “show up” a few moments early to settle in to a quiet and receptive space. And then just allow…

The New Human on DeAnne Live
Sunday, May 25th @ 12 pm Eastern

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