Letting Go!

On the current energy transmission of this New Human Paradigm ( 5/25), we looked at this time as one to balance, prepare and rebuild. And what is really important about that theme is that we are not doing this new earth movement in isolation. Isolation, for whatever reason the egoic self uses in justification, just gives the identity aspect permission to hide in the shadow of old belief, concepts and understandings of the finite self. No, this is a time to come together and find joy in everyday moments, join in, love one another, understand that EVERYONE is fighting a battle and we ALL yearn to be free: to know ourselves truly, to share our considerable gifts with the world and to remember the bliss of living in ONENESS with all of Creation. So DEFY THAT MENTAL body, be gentle and forgiving of the emotional body with all its fears and hang-ups – and then get yourself OUT – into life – doing what you cannot IMAGINE doing and sharing the love of this whole wacky, painstaking, non-sensical wild ride of evolution we are all on. COME OUT INTO THE LIGHT OF THINGS! Jump in. Let it all go and JUST BE YOU!!

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2 comments on “Letting Go!
  1. OMFeet says:

    Would need an inner tube 😉

  2. DeAnne says:

    I could be your inner tube cindy!! 🙂

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