Welcoming June

What a beautiful energy we are moving into in June ~ the most intense energies of the year are now behind us! Whew! If the wind were to whisper in your ear, directly to your Soul, about your main objective and responsibility for June as a spiritual being, you would hear something along the lines of, “stay true to your heart and your journey’s intentions.” This is incredibly important, because you do know your own heart.

The New Human webcasts the last weeks leading into June were all about a new and greater alignment with the Soul – that our work now is about checking the story of our personality aspect and trusting this very wise, very loving and unflappable really, aspect of our being to emerge now and take the helm of the vessel we call life.

There is an incredible push, thrust of buoyancy for us to move our daily experiences, choices and reality toward greater expression of independence, creativity, freedom and escape from the mundane. This new level of Self coming into expression exudes Sovereignty – so when tuning into your inner most being think in terms of ” that which cannot be caged.” Imagine that! Imagine the individual mark, unique energy imprint and harmonic that is you now coming into its own. Meditate on that imagery and possibility. Relisten to the May 25th webcast and really take to heart the practical exercises around giving your Soul an image to work with and greet the day with and sit in council with on the various aspects of decision making in your day to day reality. Because that reality IS shifting!!

The next energy transmission of this New Paradigm will be June 12th, just in time for the Full Moon. This webcast will be a vibrational attunement, as always, to support individual alignment with the higher ends of the consciousness spectrum for the current energy passages.

There is an auspicious energy enveloping June – so look to this month as one with lots of opportunities. Yet, in keeping with the tenets of 5th World, these opportunities will come and go quickly, energy ever on the move! So, stay out of the mind and act quickly. Opportunities for you to deepen intuition, trust and shift out of old grooves abound in June. And remember to keep it Light. Life is not meant to be difficult. Love one another, be there for one another, support others when and where you can and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you truly need it. There is only ONE OF US here. What we do for others, we do for ourselves. Likewise, the individual work we do on behalf of our spiritual path, we do for the many.

Life on our planet is resetting itself around a truer, more authentic reflection of individual and collective expression. The mantra for this moment of time is, “may my Soul lead the way and love frame the day.”

Stay tuned this week for another level of support and guidance around remembering life in 5D on DeAnne Live. Come join us as we consciously engage a new level of devotion, loving kindness and stewardship on behalf of a quickly changing and essentially evolving world.

Much Love and Gratitude to the One,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Welcoming June
  1. Stephanie says:

    So grateful to still be upright after the energy of April and May!!!
    What a push-pull ride it’s been…always got back on the metaphoric horse tho, just a little worn by the experience.
    And today, June 1st , I was blessed with 3 different beach experiences on this beautiful sunny Sunday…one beach even had 3 horses and their riders present, which I’ve never seen before:)

  2. DeAnne says:

    Right? Stephanie… we are getting ample opportunity to see what we’re made of and just how attached the ego’s consciousness is!! You are doing GREAT btw and coming upon such a direct reflection of power and freedom is awesome feed back from the universe on your recent endeavors! Keep on Shining! xo

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