Earth Radiance

Now that we have made it to June 🙂 we can catch a breath and really take time to notice the incredible golden glow of the Earth Mother! Gaia is beaming with this new light, as if someone has turned up the incandescent wattage around and within our planet and all of nature. I had to go and climb a waterfall to celebrate the passing of the first half of this intense year – WELCOMING this second 6 months of 2014 into my heart and trust and allowing. Of course, Bodhi had to come with me – not to be left out of an adventure.

Whatever time and energy, rhythm and routines you give to nature – GET OUT MORE!! Even if it is just to walk, sit and BE! The frequencies available now, wherever you are, are incredibly healing. Be prepared for involuntary bursts of JOY and fearlessness in shifting your reality to more dominant desires and things of the heart. Stay tuned to the coming transmissions of The New Human, because we have MUCH to discuss, remember and welcome in as we continue to open to new lives and possibilities for our personal realities and the greater world and human family! EVERYTHING IS CHANGING – you are doing AMAZING work and are loved beyond measure for your dedication to the Light. Shine ON! <3


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5 comments on “Earth Radiance
  1. Dolphinsmile says:

    Refreshing! Powerful! With Love and Gratitude I sat here soaking it all in! I was guided to pick up a couple of my Andara crystals and the healing vibration picked up 100 fold. Wow, I am supercharged right now and vibration so much LOVE!!! Thank you! Greg

  2. DeAnne says:

    AWESOME Greg! When you get to asheville again – hint hint – you will have to bring one or more andara crystals to share! 😉 big hugs!!

  3. Mel Bromberg says:

    De Anne,
    Was interesting to observe Bodhi’s attempts to escalate rocks with you, but then knowing that the challenges would be too much for him to handle safely. I assume the rocks are slippery and that he wouldn’t have been able to get a good footing. When you took the “plunge” into the icy water, I kind of felt a synchronistic tingle ( chill) around that water temperature. These videos are a great platform of water healing. Thanks for the creation of them for all to experience. Light and Love, Mel

  4. DeAnne says:

    I actually didn’t know he was following me – watching him wait for me and then the joy when I got back down to “good doggie footing” was endearing to say the least. He is a sweet boy – LOVES a good adventure, of which we have many! This is the lower falls at Catawba – we were kinda experimenting with the video – we will get better I promise. We climbed all the way to the top falls – which does entail a rope and a bit of repelling 🙂 and then I couldn’t resist getting down to my skivvys and diving in the big pool in front of MASSIVE falls. Water is incredibly healing and seldom can I resist the temptation to jump in! I am very grateful for all the waters of these mountains! <3

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