New Webcast Today!

phoenix-rising Today’s the Day!

A brand new transmission of the New Human Consciousness and energy featuring a new meditation on the Rise of Spirit and Reunion with the Soul!

The tribe of a new human family is gathering now ~ we would love to have you join us in community, vision, strong wanting and love.

The New Human on DeAnne Live
Thursday June 12th @ 11:11 am Eastern

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2 comments on “New Webcast Today!
  1. OMFeet says:

    Wow! I usually write a comment after the show, but not this time. I had to go outside and JUST sit. For the longest time. Mind quiet. Just Contentment, peace. Huge shift for sure.

    To the listeners…how did DeAnne’s show affect you? 😉

    Love you D!

  2. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Cindy… there is definitely a new expansiveness present, peace – yes… I feel like we’ve entered a new leg of the journey and are catching glimpses of things we didn’t even know to look for. Really magical – a lot of Soul and deepening and MUCH more support of the work all of us are doing in our return to Oneness!

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