Simple Pleasures

268812_2212643878228_5571907_nAhhh June – such delights that come to us with summer! Longer days, endless sunshine, seasonal produce in the market that we wait for all year long … and then the seasonal fruits that can be found along the trail on a blissful hike in the mountains. I never cease to wonder at the number of heavenly days there are in the mountains!

It is both subtle and profound, but you can definitely feel the clutch and shift in energies this June of 2014 … we discussed this month as being the tipping point for the entire year in the current New Human transmission and indeed, many passages of emotions, opportunities, relationships, beliefs and physical conditions are coming up and positioning themselves for significant and lasting change in the way we conduct our lives, invest our energy, give and receive our love.

One of the focus points of consciousness and energy on the next show this weekend will be around opening to receive – not out of need or attachment, fear or false desire… but out of a new center and Love of Self. This is the manifestation now underway as the Soul comes more fully into the body, inhabiting the mind and emotions in a way that helps one SEE CLEARLY. We will also look at the passage of this current Mercury Retrograde and how we are learning now, remembering to be the heroes of our own lives. These are the things I know in this moment – but because this New Human Paradigm moves with the energies and resides in the moment there will be many more surprises, a new meditation and transformational energies throughout to help the mind disengage and the heart become more fully the consciousness that evolves both personal and Collective reality!

So stay tuned, join in, come as you are with a willingness to embody a new level of attunement with your Self and the world around you. DeAnne Live is a vibrational portal to a level of remembrance that promises to align you with the highest expression of the you you came to manifest in this now. We are a community dedicated not only to the simple joys of life, but a growing sense of service, loving kindness and Unity within the human family! We are the many, returning to Oneness – that includes you! xo



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