A Video Tour of the Ancient Site

I have lived in Asheville for 19 years this August, 2014 – called here myself by the ancient wisdom and vibrational potential of this mountain region. What I have learned from the Earth and the Ancients in my time with these mountains, is that every human being has an Galactic Earth Coordinate that is attuned to their highest vibrational potential and that the energies, the mystery and wisdom in Asheville and surrounding areas can facilitate your re-membrance of that Soul Signature! Once you are attuned to that inner harmonic, your path will greatly accelerate in synchronicities and Guidance to get you on purpose and in your power.

There is an ancient site in the Shining Ones Forest, situated high up in the center of the woods. I had been visiting, exploring and hanging out in this forest for 7 years before this site “appeared” and I was in wonder that I had not discovered it prior to that moment. It was hidden in plain site, waiting, not only for a time when the energies on the planet had lightened but also when humanity could truly appreciate and understand its treasures and significance. That was 2008, the same year I began guiding vortex tours, prompted by the nature and Shining Ones to do so.

Any attempt at description of this vast area would fall short of the energies and actual experience – but there are many portals, pyramids, an ancient altar sites and a myriad of symbols etched in the 1 and 2 story size rocks. As with many ancient sites around the world, there are placement of large rock formations that defy logic – while all of the massive boulder rock is flecked with “diamond” sparkles, coated in mystical mosses and embedded with ley lines and harmonics.

I took the guys up Solstice weekend – Jim, Digby and Bodhi – and we had a magical time exploring, absorbing and just being! EnJOY!

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2 comments on “A Video Tour of the Ancient Site
  1. OMFeet says:

    I’m just so impressed at what you all have put together, and it has been (will always be) a joy to watch. It’s just so exciting! You looked more at ease DeAnne, drawing the viewer in as part of the video as if they were there taking a personal tour.

    Awesome job Digby, DeAnne, Jim & Bodhi <3

  2. calmwaters says:

    Really enjoyed this. Good job and please do more! I could see beings in the rocks. I’m used to seeing beings in the rocks of Arizona (I’m not talking about how the brain automatically constructs patterns of faces) so it was exciting to see beings in this vortex area. Please be conscious of increasing the volume next time? There were times when I couldn’t hear what DeAnne was saying or her voice trailed off. I wanted to hear every word. Please do more of these video tours. Wonderful!

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