Birds And Light

A moment of stillness, sound and light on the Mountain To Sea Trail this first day of July, 2014. Nature loves to be appreciated and I love sharing its gifts in captured moments such as this. The sweet sounds of Summer in the mountains – EnJOY!

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8 comments on “Birds And Light
  1. OMFeet says:

    Love the sun ray’s affect acting as a beam of Light coming down and enLightening the woods.

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Messages from the birds welcoming us to their world.


  3. Dolphinsmile says:

    The power of words. just saying your name Joyfuljudy puts a smile on my face! Now here is the return energy with Dolphinsmile. See how it makes you feel!

  4. DeAnne says:

    knowing the 2 of you as I do, dolphinsmile and joyfuljudy – you would love each other and I am sure, sense a familiarity. The tribe is gathering – and those communing here are remembering one another on levels so much deeper and profound than mind and the identity aspect. That brings ME great JOY!! So thankful you are here…

  5. Dolphinsmile says:

    My favorite birds. I love the yellow finch. It flies in great joy as it sings while flying in a S pattern as if it it is so happy and full of joy! Sedona had these blue birds of happiness that would show up every time that you were at a sacred site. Last is the magical hummingbirds so special to watch and feel their magic. What are some favorites of others here and why?

  6. DeAnne says:

    Hi Greg – I have different favorites for different reasons! Today I had a magical moment with both a Turkey Vulture and a King Fisher – and your description of the blue birds in Sedona remind me of the mountain bluebirds and blue tanagers here in the mountains. Just breathtaking. Hawk and hummingbird are 2 of my permanent totems.The wing ones add such a special joy and magic to our world – I am grateful for every encounter!

  7. Mel Bromberg says:

    Speaking of birds, this year I have either a Northern Goshawk or Cooper’s hawk who has built a nest. This nest has been in place since March and since we had a late late spring, I was able to see it and the bird. ( At first the hawk looked Grey but then when my sister was visiting she saw it and said it was brown). So I have not been able to identify it up close–her nest is about 60-80 feet up in the tree. I learned that they also build more than one nest ( as foils) so they occupy the main nest only part time while fooling other birds with their “trojan horse” type nests. I just love, love, love that this hawk chose my trees this year to build in and that I get to hear the cacophony of crows nearby who mass proliferatively and loudly( to protect themselves from invasion and theft by hawks of their young and eggs). Crow territorial and warning cawing goes on for more than an hour at a time, and I definitely know that owls or crows are around for this “show” which happens more frequently than not lately.
    At any rate, I am grateful that the universe planted this hawk in my own backyard this year –and I assume that it was meant to be my spiritual totem for 2014! Let’s all keep observing what the birds, owls, hawks do as they are keys to unlocking so much of our spiritual remembrances.

  8. DeAnne says:

    I LOVE this Mel – beautiful sharing – I feel as if it is my experience and like you, would feel so honored and blessed to have a hawk finding home in my yard. Hawk is a permanent totem for me – we have ones that come to assist with passages and then ones that are our life partners so to speak. I definitely would take this hawk as your totem for 2014 – they are Visionaries of the air… wonder what this hawk has come to alert you to on the near horizon! 🙂

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