No matter what your experience of life – struggle, success, wealth, poverty, isolation, community, strength, frailty, victim or empowered – it is all about remembrance: remembering your Light, your innate wisdom, gifts, magnificence and greater purpose on Earth.

I am so grateful for the Shining Ones and the timeless Mastery they embody on behalf of an evolving humanity and planet. Vibrationally, they are every genetics and understand the intricate process of our DNA Codex and as such, are here now to help usher this very young species into a new genetics of being.

In the busyness and doingness and conditioned movement of your daily human endeavors – find moments in between to stop, breathe a new breath and consider the greater community, family, genetics and responsibility of your time here on this little blue ball in an infinite Cosmos. We are here to join in partnership with a greater intelligence and destiny than we can grasp and make sense of and fathom with the conscious thinking mind. Light a candle, say a prayer, open your heart to the heavens and smile at the remembrance now coming to pass within you. And then thank the Shining Ones for their love, their compassion, their tireless work on behalf of this species and the resplendent mirror of Light they hold for the Truth of who you are.

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