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At this time of transformational liberties, the New Human Template serves as the beginning of a world where all will find fulfillment of their dreams and desires and longing for Unity. We are understanding, more and more each day, that life is a shared experience founded on trust. As we mature as a species, we see this time of metamorphosis as our opportunity to become co-creators in a reality of experience that is meshed together in vibrating fields of infinitely expanding, interconnected points of Oneness. The nature of being at this dimensional level of conscious awareness is love, and those awakening to new minds are decidedly heart centered and determined to stand up for lives of meaningful purpose.

As the Earth continues her pivot to her rightful position in the multiverse, we have the opening and opportunity to shift as well, from a bound, outer directed people to an internally driven knowingness of who we are and why we are here. There is no reason why we cannot understand who we truly are; every individual on the planet is equally empowered as a Universal Being of Light. With awakened minds and open hearts, with intuition and breath and a courageous awareness of Self, we are awakening codes of light to assist the whole of humanity in advancing to higher mind technologies and the power of love. That is evolution and the true measure of freedom.

Life, this experience, is about this moment and how freely you can be in it – in your joy and with loving detachment. It is the essence of our lives here, how we love and forgive and practice compassion, the awareness and understanding we bring to all experience and relationship that determines our mastery and true level of freedom.

Join DeAnne Live and the New Human transmissions for another month of expansive insights. as the energies continue to accelerate in July. We will honor and move with the ascension spiral – even as we grow in greater awareness on the importance of remaining present, right here, right now, to new existence all around us!


Remember, love both liberates and unites. That is our greatest power. 269862_2210742110685_6003584_n

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