Synchronistic World

Synchronicity:  the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.

It was really great day, one definitely worth sharing. It felt a lot like riding on a big river in an amusement park that promises to show you the spirit of Love through ordinary encounters, a light and effortless experience reminding you we are part of a bigger community that has more in common than it does differences.

It began with a mountain bike ride out at Bent Creek, Bodhi and I went to get our fierce on by climbing up to the Goat Trail and Upper Side hill. When we got to this vast recreation area, we discovered many people out with their horses for the holiday weekend.BZQ4 Horses are about power and freedom – I was just overjoyed to have the experience of these magnificent beings on a day set aside to celebrated independence. Such a spontaneous reflection of a synchronistic world.

On to the abundant NC Farmers Market to get a Sangria Watermelon from my favorite local vendor. He had a table with $7 melons and one with $8. These watermelons are huge, always ruby red and utterly delicious. Watermelon2lI chose the $7 melon because the $8 option would not have fit in the refrigerator … and just felt such joy and community in coming back to see this farmer each week and him always recognizing me. I offered him $8 for the $7 watermelon – 3 times! just out of appreciation! And he humbly declined! I left thinking, wow, you would never have that experience in a commercial grocery store or any retail experience really.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Salt of the Earth – they work hard and earn their keep and don’t take more than is their share. What a beautiful and synchronistic reflection of the land of the free and the brave.

Finally, on the way home I stopped once more to get some gas – just as I started to pull out, the little truck in the next lane started to go at the same time. I stopped and motioned for the other driver to go ahead – and this beautiful young face with a curly head and genuine smile glanced back at me and shot a peace sign.images Oh my~ I felt the Love of Creation in that moment – such a happy, happy heart and assurance that goodness and innocence are alive – as are spontaneous expressions of “working it out together”.

ALL ONE~ ONE WORLD~ finding strength in our commonalities and acceptance in our differences: living together in community, contributing equal to what we take and remembering the infectious nature of a smile, a greeting, a shared moment and simple acts of appreciation. This day vibrated freedom and peace for me, joy in simple pleasures and gratitude in simple abundances. True reality, the essence of our human nature is an interconnected experience of One Love seeking expression through us all.

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  1. Aviva says:

    Thanks made me smile just reading this 😀
    Love x

  2. DeAnne says:

    smiles do the light body good Ms ohm… xo

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