Living In The Unknown

Your heart is always in a perpetual sense of awe about the unknown. The capacity and comfort in living in the unknown is really about knowing yourselves and consulting always and only with the master within. What do you truly want for yourselves down to the last detail? Can you answer this truly without filtering it through the wants and desires of others? If you are able to admit to Self what you want and then stand in the middle of that commitment above all else, you will realize that you all want the same thing: to see and be and walk and breathe and live and give love, unconditional love and only love. Your experience is that simple and that profound. All that is available to you, all those assisting you from within the vibration of your origin will merge effortlessly with your experience when you accept and reciprocate what is constantly streaming to you for your edification. It is time for humanity to join together and create one vast network of people who know they can do things with love toward a powerful transformation for your planet. Be true to your offering and you will know your own evolution and that of a planetary new world.

Excerpt from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age of Light


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