On Prism Shifts and Evolutionary Choice

rainbowchurch4The old and the new are REALLY dancing side by side and discernment is all important! Community is definitely happening on an energetic level and it is asking us to get very clear about where we want to be and with whom. There is greater sight available than can be accessed within linear movement, and that sight is better able to SEE what is coming for this species; greater upsets and drama and spin in 3D… and yet, equal measures of love and freedom when people can just let go! What comes into your thoughts on a daily basis will reveal much about where your consciousness is vibrating.

There seems to be increasing evidence of probable worlds of choice. Many healers are experiencing clients in crisis… yet so many of the people I have the honor to work with individually have been increasingly able to lighten their field and lift the mental plane above the stickiness and chaos mode. The new human body has really been strengthening, and “doing what it needs” is just becoming more and more effortless.

And there is a LOT of JOY!

We are currently “lifting” into higher and higher mind awareness and consciousness fields and at a quickening pace…. which creates an entirely different experience than the “masses.” There is a REALLY STRONG, CENTERED AND ILLUMINED vortex around this New Human Paradigm  – we seem to be lifting together, as ONE! And the Shining Ones have been especially present with much to convey… invite them into your heart and decision making at this time. Do not doubt that to the degree you intend to engage this dimension with your Light Mastery and Love… to that degree you are challenged and entrusted to HOLD THE LIGHT HIGH, in action, thought, word and deed – when observing the many faceted prism of an ascending species. As our world goes through so much change and Gaia shifts her energy into a higher harmonic, I can express with strong lucidity that her beauty and light is AMPLIFYING. Dominion ultimately belongs to her and as always, she is leading the way with uncompromising Love. ♥


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  1. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Welcome to this plane of HU-man existence. And welcome to the small cadre of Awakened Souls where enTHUSiasm (“having the god within,”) is known to be the Golden Key to HU-manity’s True Liberation……:-)

  2. DeAnne says:

    Thanks Alexander! – and WELCOME to the tribe of a New Humanity – engaging a new consciousness and energy in our remembrance of a 5D World. We are the many, returning to Oneness! xo

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