Uncomplicated Life

1_PatanjaliTake a deep breath and focus for a moment on the simplicity of this single flower~ tune into the essence of the energy it conveys: quietude, stillness, peace, trust in the existence around it while standing sovereign in its own expression.

As I drop more and more deeply into the essence of this new existence beckoning humanity at this time, I feel the greater truth of an uncomplicated life. My mind is growing more still – I feel less and less need to engage the reality around me with mental gymnastics and just a really strong desire to let it all go. And this is not to not care – it is to care and invest my energy, my gifts and time and desires in something altogether different than the things that complicate our lives.

Spend some moments of your day breathing into this image, take its delicate strength and essential trust into your mind and heart. Imagine adopting its posture and relationship to the world around it and then carrying that essence with you as you observe and engage your day from a different aspect of your being – for a different reason – in honor of a very different reality of possibility.


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