It’s All About The Heart


This NOW is about Freedom, our Evolution is freedom from the mind, freeing UP our joy and creative nature, seeing the new doors of potential and fearlessly stepping through them. Learn to discern the voice of the Mystery and contemplate how precious is this moment of all encompassing CHANGE

Everything you are experiencing NOW is for the purpose of getting you out of mind and into heart. Learning to abide in these fierce new energies without the dependency on the mental and emotional bodies is a huge learning curve for humanity. The Credo of the denser realities is “if I just try harder,  I can think my way through this moment and figure things out!” But there is nothing to figure out, just a whole lot to let go of… beliefs, perceptions. ideals based on a very limited understanding of Existence and who we are in that Existence. The mind creates resistance out of fear~ the heart expands consciousness out of love.

The whole choice and objective in being on Earth at this time is to evolve – which is a perpetual movement and always new. Our greatest work right now is to allow, accept and remain in the heart no matter what is out-picturing in our lives. The more you can maintain a center of Love in each moment, the quicker you will see the new that is already here and be confident in your ability to move into that new with ease and joy.

On the next New Human Transmission this week! we will look more deeply at what is going on with the mind and brain, with direct and clear examples from the Shining Ones on how we trip ourselves up and what we must do to create in these new spaces. Be sure and check in here everyday for updates because we are moving with the energies – keeping it relevant and finding strength in the community building here on DeAnne Live.


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2 comments on “It’s All About The Heart
  1. OMFeet says:

    Quote: Our greatest work right now is to allow, accept and remain in the heart no matter what is out-picturing in our lives.

    I had a huge let go and be in the heart moment last week. Steve is heading to Vietnam for a month and I was so against it, the fear, I wanted him home. After a day I just couldn’t keep up that feeling anymore and began to let go. Shining love to him and his decision which allowed me to feel a whole lot better 😉

    • DeAnne says:

      Revelations and realizations Cindy – that is the thrust and them for July… and those aha moments are centered in the heart. So good you are feeling peace and trust around Steve but also around life and the greater process we are all deeply involved in! <3

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