It Only Takes A Moment

…to capture joy, to experience wonder, to appreciate the gift of simplicity and feel the essence of transformation.

I had just come back from a long run in the mountains with Bodhi. We were coming up on the deck where I was focused on rinsing our feet off – and sitting there on the top step was this butterfly. Expecting it to fly away momentarily, it sat perfectly still, undeterred by the thundering footsteps of two foreign, giant beings close by. I scooped down and almost as if on cue – it walked up onto my hand.

My mind was on overdrive thinking – “I gotta get my phone/camera” that was in the back of the cabin in the bedroom. I just rolled with it – hoping she wouldn’t fly to some unreachable spot in the cabin. But the butterfly just rode contently along, walking up and down my arm and hanging upside down off my hand.

I made it back out to the deck, Bodhi patiently waiting, while Samadhi Blue lay just inside the screen door watching every movement of the activity on the other side. I captured the first video here with Bodhi – the butterfly walking all the way up my arm and sitting on my shoulder before coming down the front of my shirt. She, again came right to my hand and I then went to Blue for a moment – not wanting to leave her out. That is the second video below.

I don’t know about you – but it was kinda like everything valuable and true existed in that moment – creatures without care of the role ascribed to them from the world outside – only appreciating the moment before them, absorbed in the energy of Love – Unity – wonder – beingness.

The butterfly finally flew away after my second attempt to put her on the fur of a dog… lol that seemed to be her limit in entertaining fellow creatures. I watched her as she found a lily to land upon just off the deck – in a reverie about transformation and joy and the endless grace of rebirth

I am grateful to my 4 legged cherubs for their willingness to participate so dearly in this moment – I am grateful to the butterfly for sharing its beauty and vibration with us – and I am grateful for the many ways love penetrates through the separation and density on our Earth, reminding us that we are each of us everything, but mostly we are love.

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3 comments on “It Only Takes A Moment
  1. OMFeet says:

    This is so incredible and beautiful…smiling ear to ear!

  2. calmwaters says:

    How beautiful. Such a large butterfly! So true that it only takes a moment to capture the joy!

    • DeAnne says:

      It was a test of multitasking – being present to the butterfly, mindful of the dogs and videoing with one hand! lol I wasn’t really sure WHAT I was getting but am very grateful for the whole magical moment of it!

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