Strong In Spirit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s always gonna be another mountain
and I’m always gonna want to make it move! 

Ok – so I kinda stole that line from a really great Miley Cyrus song, The Climb… but it pretty much sums up my spirit. And not out of discontent with what my life is at any given moment but because of an unyielding faith and trust that there is so much more… that we are so much more.

It is so easy to get lulled into the nature of the mundane world, which in comparison is such a small container of reality. Complacency, inertia, moving from a to be to c and back again to a… consider the scope of reality you think and feel and act within and then consider too that your Spirit thrives in spaces without boundaries.

You are a boundless Spirit and Joy is the true nature of your being. It is time to reconcile the finite self with your infinite being and set your Spirit free!

I AM dedicated to the so much more~

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