Shadow And Light

179040_1821829068102_1311474340_32128485_1080019_nAfter days of glorious sun and beautiful breezes, we have had a couple of days of clouds and cool summer rains. The weather never deters me from time in nature and the 4 leggeds always want to go and have adventure. Yesterday, I was driving home from the woods with a very muddy fur-ball in the back – all tuckered out – when I found myself swept up into the mists hanging over the mountains just ahead. I looked into the rear view mirror – the sun was peaking brightly through the clouds behind me – but this mystical, magical mystery was making a pronounced statement just ahead on the horizon before me. And the essence of this duality of nature – was wonder, bliss, love as an invitation to come into the kingdom of god. To give oneself fully TO the Presence of Creation, the mystery of existence and the love of god within.

I dedicate this day to the mystery of the Earth’s love for this humanity – and the mystery of the indwelling god. May hearts be strong with this love, knowing that as we give birth to the Christ within, we see god in every face and each moment. We then become the Consciousness of God, where there is no separation, only Love.

I encourage each of you to carry the metaphor of the sun shining from behind and through you, out into the newness of this day, the mystery of existence before you. Imagine this love filling the heart of all humanity… that all may re-member the pure essence, freedom and spontaneous joy of Divine Life!

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  1. Karen says:

    I honour my HUMANITY & my DIVINITY (((((((+))))))

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