A Peek Into August

Wake_Up_Humans.224201011_stdI’m curious about your first thought at looking ahead into another new month and what it will entail energetically. Excited? about the possibilities of it or a bit hesitant with all the intensity and change that seems to be driving reality of late. Do you feel empowered and out ahead of the changes or kinda holding your breath at what is next? Perhaps you are either tired or a bit numb to the whole spiritual canvas, feeling there never seems to be any relief and the work of waking up, just too freaking hard.

It is good and even important to check in with your spiritual barometer every so often, especially now, to see how the conscious thinking mind, mental and emotional body are doing with this whole ascension, waking up, evolving reality and fast forward change of the spiritual path. Because the way your experiences are being interpreted, filtered through your belief system and perception is very much a factor in the reality that will continue to unfold before you.

The current New Human Transmission (7/26) really illumines the shift underway as Gaia moves into a lighter atmosphere vibrationally while the humanity of 3D gets tossed around in old paradigm chaos. New corridors and gateways are opening  on a fairly regular basis – it kinda reminds me of the old pinball machines where you pull a lever that shoots a ball into this labyrinth of passageways and the path of the ball changes at a moments notice depending on what aisle it slips into. Fast pace, quick movements and a deftly changing environment repositioning the human aspect into alignment with its greater truth and purpose.

Our vibrations are changing so rapidly now and yet, there is still a potent integration phase underway between the mind and heart, love and fear, joy over obligation and freedom over the comfort of familiar spaces. The important understanding is that there is choice as far as your personal experience of the greater reality barreling through so much change. Which aspect of your multidimensional Self is the primary decision maker in your day to day world?

As we head into August, we are clearing the path for more – that is the order of the day no matter what your current level of vibrational capacity or consciousness. The energies of this New Light ( again spend some time with the current webcast for more insight and awareness on this) are very stimulating, expansive and heart-opening. I literally feel taller, its pretty cool in a strange way 🙂 and more centered, anchored in my core than ever before. And we’re very much looking for new tools to play with and can feel the momentum building around better spaces from which to create and do our outreach. Contemplate this invitation and how it wants to manifest in your current reality.

The Shining Ones remind often that something is trying to be born and it cannot come into contained and rigid spaces. That is both literal as far as the material plane, but also vibrational pertaining to thought, belief, mind-sets, values, perceptions… remember we are still very much in a “bridging the worlds phase” and guess what, you are the bridge.

Focus on patience, a patient gratitude to welcome this expansion gradually yet without putting on the brakes of fear and attachment. I will look more deeply at these August energetics on the next New Human webcast (date to be determined so STAY TUNED) but I encourage you to stand before this wave with complete trust, opening completely to the intention of FULL INTEGRATION with the New Light energetics here now. They truly are the greatest of gifts bestowed at the greatest time for the potentially greatest (ie evolved) humanity in our planet’s history. That is who you are – you chose this experience. Embrace and live it as one who has remembered!



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4 comments on “A Peek Into August
  1. OMFeet says:

    Great post! Since our chat earlier this week, I do feel myself becoming more anchored with who I am. As a woman. As a human BEing. That is a great start 😉

  2. DeAnne says:

    WOW! way to catch the curve ball and come back to a new level of the game Cindy Joy! 😉 love you!

  3. Karen says:

    Before I read this post, I wrote in my diary…..”
    PATIENCE gives me strength
    PATIENCE gives me discipline
    to be fully present in the here & now
    WOWEEEEEEEEE, going through some difficult mental, emotional & physical challenges at present, but SOOOOOOOOOOO open to receive, to trust, to allow, to accept and I AM soooooooo grateful to you DeAnne for your daily guidance of the Shining ONES WISDOM. Much love/light & CONNECTION from Australia ((((((((+)))))) BLESSED BE

  4. DeAnne says:

    An affirmation you are attracting reflections of your LIGHT and to keep looking in that direction Karen. Nothing is more important than creating spaces and spending time where what is wise and true in us may be mirrored back to us. We are happy to have you here and part of the New Human tribe. xoxo

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