Choosing To Evolve

image(2)-2One of the many things I loved about this photo is the sense of a sun radiating from within the center of the flower. Do you see that? And then I felt the full weight, strength and center of this new sun, new light, new wisdom and world that is coming on line within us and everywhere on our planet at this time. It is in the rain, the way the clouds sit in the sky, the behavior and song of the birds. This new light is shifting our relationship to our own feelings – emotions are coming up like tidal waves only to be peacefully released as new spaces of Self and understanding settle in.

Yesterday I began receiving a new meditation for the next New Human transmission so I know it is near… ancient memories and voices and vision coming to Light – this is very much the theme emerging now within the new earth matrix, within you and me and in our greatly changing world. So stay tuned for that theme to be illuminated by the Shining Ones on the next New Human webcast, coming SOON!

I am so grateful for this moment, this NOW and for each of you sharing and holding the space for this new Light with me. We are family, we are the New Earth, we are the many returning to Oneness and I LOVE each of you as a reflection of the Light within me.

One Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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2 comments on “Choosing To Evolve
  1. OMFeet says:

    You betcha the emotions are coming up, and being more vocal about my feelings is not only releasing old stuff, but creating a greater shift in who I am. Can’t imagine being anywhere else except with my new family 😉 thank you for making it possible, DeAnne <3

  2. Karen says:

    <3 ONE LOVE <3

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