It is all God! And if we are narrow in the way we allow God to manifest in our lives and in our world – then we limit the infinite ways love seeks to manifest and teach us the greater meaning and purpose of Existence.

bodhi-tree-alina-sofiaThis is the energy and “voice of wisdom” I woke up with this morning. It is August 9th, we are midway through the Lion’s Gate of the Wesak I spoke of at the beginning of the month. Profound infusions of love, unity, connection and reconnection and balance, balance as we’ve never understood in terms of the condition of our emotions, relationships and the greater reality within which we live. 2014 is the year of Unity and Balance of Energies within GAIA and each of us. The power of these energies together is taking us into a new level of awareness within many individuals around the world.

There is a precious and wise being in the guise of a dog in my reality – he came in just shy of 2 years ago and told us prior to joining our family, that his name was Bodhi. 20140504_133945We were amused, tickled really that this little “mut” of an abandoned puppy would claim the name meaning “supreme enlightenment.” Named after the Bodhi Tree – perhaps this little master of canine persuasion had a thing or two to teach his human companions. Little did we know! The Bodhi Tree is the tree under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment. A very old and sacred fig tree with heart shaped leaves, it is also known as the wisdom tree. bodhitreeToday, Bodhi is a term widely applied to currently existing trees around the world of which tireless numbers of pilgrims travel to in hopes of gathering the wisdom of its legend.

Fast forward to this now – and the current energies unfolding! As in everyone’s personal reality things and energies are shifting into great gears!  All in its own way and everyone is dealing with their own energies and shifts in profound ways.  My journey has been full of beautiful and astounding, ANCIENT shifts this last week. From great loss to equally expansive reunion, forgiveness, seeing and appreciating. There is an inexplicable reset underway – this is SO VERY IMPORTANT. We must understand that we ARE the reset. Each and everyone of us. We do not wait for others to do what is right or hold them accountable for who they are being… we must step forth into this new light, AS this new light and demonstrate this love that has so graced and healed and filled our lives with an abundance this world does not yet understand. But that is coming! We stand as initiates to collectively Ascend Mastery for the New Earth, we are embracing the energies of love and wisdom (Bodhi) within us but so much more. ficus-religiosa3This Lions Gate Wesak movement – ( Ascended Masters abound! )is an opportunity to now act in unison with the third ray, ( which in turn activates the 3rd chakra) the GOLDEN YELLOW FLAME OF LOVE & WISDOM (representing completely allowing the lower mind to surrender to the Oneness of Universal Love, accepting our Divine Mind and Heart to access our Divine Wisdom). New and deeper connections are made with particles of our soul essence, our soul family and even twin flame.  We are getting a more natural sense of who we are and represent in this lifetime and beyond, which is birthing the new planes of being.

Gaia is rising to the occasion – the great mother is gathering the children of the earth into a new conduit of relation to one another – and the question is, can we allow that? There is a massive alignment of spiritual forces of the many universes represented by the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional level of Oneness. And you do not need to understand any of this intellectually – you just need to open your hearts and observe with wonder how love is calling us to a new center of activity. As the Torch Bearers for the New Earth, it is our responsibility to allow the unification of our Divine Essence to become manifest within our physical existence. This is helping GAIA to continue her journey. images-3There is a new language coded in these rays of new light and that language is penetrating the minds, hearts and energy of every being on the planet. ALL IS FORGIVEN! ALL IS BEING RESET to a new level of Mastery. This is the wisdom piece – the essence, light and joy of Bodhi. Embrace it. Exude its remembrance. You are the one creating. You are the one choosing. Walk the Mastery path and hold the Light high.

DeAnne, Bodhi, Jim and my mom!
20140808_181554younger sister Amy and mom








Brother Chis and nephew Hunter


second cousin and godchild Kristi with her kids, Levi, Maggie, Nora and Olive.











DeAnne and Bodhi on Looking Glass Rock! Remember how vast it all is people –
remember how vast we all are! xo


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  1. suzie solimine says:

    This really touched me DeAnne; thank you. I so feel for your loss of Blue. Our animals are our hearts.

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