Embracing Evolution

image(1)-2I have a t-shirt ( I love t-shirts) that states the word EVOLVE in bold letters. It then cleverly, one letter at a time, drops a letter from EVOLVE and rearranges them until EVOLVE becomes the word LOVE. Perhaps this is more effective to SEE then to hear it described – but the end result is one and the same. To evolve, we must love. To evolve IS to love. There is no other choice as an evolving race if we desire to advance as a species and know ourselves and the world around us as it truly is – then to Love. Freely. Unconditionally. Without prejudice. No exception. God is not just in the details – God is everywhere in all things at all times.

The Creator does not care what you have been through, what you believe, what good deeds you have done, mistakes you have made, the color of your skin or attributes of your physical appearance … He/She is not keeping track of your penances or sacrifices, what wealth you have or have not accumulated… nor is there a certain moment in time or religious practice that once and for all sets you a part from those that seek God in unorthodox ways and places. The ONLY thing that matters is that you LOVE. Fiercely, fearlessly, consistently and incessantly!

We are the students and the teachers of an awakening consciousness – a consciousness big enough to see God in all things and all persons and to Welcome that Divinity into the evolving awareness of One who has remembered there is nothing and no one that is other – it is all you, it is all me, it is all God and it is all love.


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One comment on “Embracing Evolution
  1. Karen says:

    I AM THAT I AM…..CHILD OF GOD I AM….Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

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