I AM~ And All Is Truly Well

image-1 copyBe sure and spend time revisiting the current New Human webcast – it is a powerful attunement for aligning with the current energy passages. These webcasts are much more than words and expression, they vibrate with sound and light, harmonics and the consciousness of 5th World. Breathe deeply into both what you hear and feel in these transmissions, pay attention to imagery and inspirations that come and do not hesitate to follow through, without thought, to passing glimpses of a you that vibrates beyond your current awareness. The 8/17 webcast (as with each transmissions) is rich with metaphor, light-codes, remembrance and upgrades for the light-body and conscious thinking mind. No matter where you are in your awakening process, the work and intention of this New Human Paradigm will meet you there with a shift to your next highest expression of being!

I AM the Light and that which seeks the Light – all me, all Love, all God!

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One comment on “I AM~ And All Is Truly Well
  1. Karen says:

    I AM a child of GOD I AM (((((((+)))))))

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