Trust and Flow

There is a really sweet, intent, assured rhythm and pace to the energies right now. Everything is right here, present… if you listened to the webcast this past Sunday (8/17) we talked about and felt how much nearer and more interactive the energies are. There is a constant presence, intelligence, guidance so near and things happening really fast. Ask a question?  – get and answer! State a desire? – and somehow you see how to manifest and flow with that desire.

It is TIME to allow and expand the perimeter of the space you have been residing in – be that energetic or literal or both! But we must dream a bigger dream of who we are and then realize it isn’t a dream at all – but the integration and presence of a much larger and more expansive version of ourselves. Life is as different as we are willing to be – love is as present as we are willing to allow.

Tune in today and ask yourself if you are truly happy…  not about certain details or circumstances so much but just genuinely joy of life happy? Because that IS who you are by nature and that is the energy permeating now. It has to do with letting the river take you! Prying the fixated version of the personality self free from the static reflections of your human nature – and just determining, deciding, choosing to be a free agent now for JOY!

There is something very new, very expansive and free flowing (emphasis on free) in the surrounding fields of light. And as you go with the freedom of it, the promise and lightness and possibility of all that is swirling in the greater reality around you – your life will continue to shapeshift into a much truer and fulfilling reflection of multidimensional you.

Remain peaceful, carry on and SHINE!!

– and remember to keep it light! – here is Bodhi being a perfect example of going with the flow and letting the river take you! 🙂

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4 comments on “Trust and Flow
  1. OMFeet says:

    Master Bodhi, you are always showing us how to enjoy life, to be part of the Light, to be free and to make others laugh in the process.

  2. says:

    I am free to flow in the river of life inspiring with joy all I meet.
    Thank you Bodhi and DeAnne for the inspiration today.
    It makes my heart sing to find a community that acknowledges where we are and what we are doing here. Yipee!

    • DeAnne says:

      thank you Kathleen for showing up and recognizing the vast more that is inviting us in to truer life, expanded roles of stewardship and service – and visibility as our true selves. We are HAPPY you are here, recognizing the community and remembering we are ALL one!

      Love to you and Ms OMfeet – I appreciate the sharing! xo

  3. Karen says:

    Yesterday I was sitting down at my river (Camden Haven River)meditating & reflecting, as I do most days now. I was mesmerized by the sparkles of light dancing & singing the JOY of LIFE to me on the river’s surface – this truly is my heart’s desire! To SHINE & be FREE. The words ebb & flow have always had a deep meaning for me……a sense of rhythm that all is as it should be & therefore all is well. Thank you DeAnne & Bodhi, much LOVE (((((((+)))))))

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