The New Normal – Changing Sleep Patterns

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I was running some energy with a Walk Pather yesterday that has been having “trouble” sleeping… there was such a great and strong energy in what came through for him I thought to share it with the many here! There are certain “symptoms” of waking up that are fairly common – the Triad Pattern (read below) is one of them as well as adjusting to new flows of energy in the physical body during the integration and expansion process. So I felt that many would find some familiar aspects and helpful information here… it also gives me an idea to maybe blog more about “typical” symptoms of the waking up process! Remember – there is only one of us here – we are all having the same experience at different points in “time” and as we integrate these stages we assist the Collective in doing the same. LOVE TO ALL!

***About the sleep dilemma – let me ask you – begin with framing it differently. When you say “I’m struggling to sleep” – you are affirming that state of being. And then I would ask – just to turn the crystal to different angles – what if you viewed your current sleep pattern differently? A great deal of how you are perceiving your sleep experience now is based on what you are use to – your “normal” sleep pattern and also what the majority of the world considers normal and healthy. These are important factors to keep in mind. Because you are right about the energy present and working with you now – it is more expansive and vibrates at a completely different capacity than the physical aspect and mind are use to. It IS like being on adrenalin – it is what is often referred to as a natural high. It takes getting use to and you do learn to manage energy differently than the relationship we have with mostly artificial stimulant and energy as human beings.

It is important to first let go of thinking of it as wrong or bad – whatever is going on with your sleep pattern. Remember – your psyche and consciousness are IN TUNE now to the goal of WAKING UP!! And sometimes the wires get crossed, confused, mixed signals between the conscious thinking mind, physical body and expanding awareness. When this new and expanded energy really starts coming in and we begin embodying it – there is a subtle level of communication going STAY AWAKE – because you are remembering things and existence that are not accessible to those still “asleep” and functioning in the denser/conditioned/known reality. When I was a teacher/Guidance Counselor/Psychologist et al – I drank caffeine! Now I have SO MUCH energy – endless reserves really like the ever ready bunny – such that it has been a dozen years since I’ve had any kind of stimulant. I even have to be careful with the natural stimulants in herbs such as the herbdoc products because I have so much energy flowing naturally in and through me. Artificial stimulants compete or cancel out natural energy and frequency – so as we bring in higher frequency and clean up our system – you want to wean yourself from things that stimulate artificially.

Also, waking up at 2, 3 or 4am IS A NATURAL stage of the awakening process. Everyone goes through that at sometime. So when you centered yourself and fell asleep (excellent) only to wake at 3am – there was nothing wrong. Your mind interpreted it as wrong (which then becomes a factor itself) – but this pattern is one of many symptoms of awakening. There is something called the Triad Sleep Pattern that occurs for many: you sleep for about 2-3 hours, wake up, go back to sleep for another couple of hours, wake again, and go back to sleep again. For others, the sleep requirements have changed. You can get by on less sleep. Again, we have an idea of what is “normal” and then tend to judge everything according to that barometer but GUESS WHAT – you no longer have a normal! Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night – feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy off and on during the day…this is your new normal. Try and relax around WHAT IS – because the changes will continue and your job is to GO WITH the ongoing experiences with trust, patience, allowing… tune into what is likely and often huge waves of energy running into your body from the crown and intend to SEE and FEEL and get to KNOW this new level of Self coming into residency in your body and waking reality. FYI – it is not POSSIBLE to run out of energy (gas) unless that is a fear… we do not ultimately need sleep or food! I eat and sleep because it gives me pleasure … I hit the ground running! I wake up in full functioning mode – happy, creative – and go pretty full on – ALL OVER THE PLACE – meaning no grooves – lots of energy expenditure all day long and yet – when I hit the pillow – BAM – I am out and sleep REALLY deep and have a really rich dream life. This is the result of a natural and balanced energy flow – and I DON’T THINK IT! I follow the energy – allow and feel what I need when. So I encourage you not to resist whatever is – you are your own prototype. Yours is the experience of an awakening being!! Remind yourself OFTEN – worry is a choice ( and well worn habit) but that you are equipped to reach and tap into creative thought beyond worry. And yet if worry is your choice – that is ok too! 🙂

As the New Light flows through me and I trust that Light above all else ~


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  1. says:

    Good Morning All,
    This is a great topic because we are all affected at one time or another with being awake in the wee hours that are so quiet and still. It’s the perfect time to meditate and connect intentionally with our Divine Essence without interruption. I will sometimes run intentions through my head if the energy is strong to get centered like: Prime Source within ~ breathe
    Deeply. Each breath takes me deeper into my heart, into stillness. I am open to the light and consciousness that illuminates me from Prime Source. I feel the light pulses now as I go deeper into my heart. I enter into the cross over point in my heart. The inner and outer are one. I go deeper ever deeper into the stillness, the void, the absolute peace as I merge one with Prime Source I allow myself to be.
    The magic happens here.
    Thank you DeAnne for allowing us to share. Kathleen

  2. OMFeet says:

    Excellent topic and thanks for writing about it. It use to bother me when I woke up at 3am and lay there listening to the endless, fearful thoughts.

    So for the past few years I go biking, head to a high point near by and star gaze. I give my blessings and just love what I see beyond our world!

  3. DeAnne says:

    thanks for sharing ladies and yes – ALWAYS share – that is what community is about.What I love about these reflections is that they offer different possibilities – and that is important. Each person, especially now needs to find what works best for them… what I did above was shift the perspective around “what” was happening which allows the energy of mind and body to relax. You can do techniques with the best of intentions and yet if you are anxious, unsettled or tense around a situation no technique is going to serve you – it would kinda like the water being on in a hose that is kinked. Once you understand and begin to allow and trust the process – your mind shifts into higher mind vibration where you may attune and ask – what do I need to do now? What do I feel like doing now? And you will be amazed with the answers that come… from the breath and affirmations such as Kathleen shared which is typically where I start, always with the breath because energy IS present and you want to work with that energy, get to know it and begin integrating and assimilating the new energies into the body. We have discussed this technique and incorporated it into the show many times over the years – it is also in The New Human. But you may also be inspired to get on a bike at 3am such as Cindy and go connect with nature and vastness. You can never go wrong with that option as well. It is about shifting OUT of conditioned mode – that strange is wrong or bad and then uncomfortable – to WOW – this is a larger reality I am tapping into here – the Higher Self wakes you up when the mind is “off duty” and therefore has less resistance. It can also be special to be awake when so much of reality is sleeping and silent around you.

    Also – someone else I had an “in person” check in with today brought up the piece that it is easier to relax around getting woken up in the middle of the night if you don’t “have” to get up and be to work at 8am etc. Yes, from a practical standpoint that is true… BUT without allowing the mind to throw in too many reasons why this new understanding and alternative perspective/behaviors wouldn’t work for “you” – know that consciousness from the higher ends of the spectrum is always streaming to you – especially so now and especially so if you are intent on waking up! These energies offer a different kind of sustenance – “supply of vibration” if you will. You are not limited to the level of energy that vibrates with the 3D reality of mental, emotional, practical, logical thought. Even if you’ve only had 3 hours of sleep – remaining in the higher frequencies with your ongoing lifestyle choices is going to help balance out the dense reality that remains in your wheelhouse! :-)And in so doing – you will have more and greater insight on how to continue to shift your waking reality such that you are the one creating and living the schedule you keep! 🙂

  4. calmwaters says:

    Very helpful, DeAnne. I appreciate a review of the “symptoms” of awakening. I’ve had hot feet for some time now so I found it amusing that it is an awakening symptom. I was wondering why I felt like dipping my feet in cold water before I went to bed at night. It’s helpful to take it all lightly.

  5. Stephanie says:

    A post we all can relate to.:)….going from former sleep patterns to complete un patterning of sleep….so many old beliefs around “getting enough sleep surface…and how perfect that those who are commited to “waking up” from the illusion, also experience another layer/experience of “waking up” …..and we get to choose how to BE with that change…when “fear and unsettled” arises in those long wakeful moments, I know I’ll find my way through that…and at times I’ve been able to redirect those feelings by focusing on what I can find that I feel grateful for…and other times that redirect doesn’t work, so I play with welcoming “fear and unsettled” and give it permission to stay as long as it needs to…I’m often surprised how rested and effective I can be in the daytime hours:)

  6. fitzcan says:

    Very helpful and timely discussion as I am experiencing the very triad sleep pattern changes you describe DeAnne. I love sleep and formerly did not take kindly to “disruptions.” I am doing my best to flow with it (I am one of the lucky ones who can create my own schedule.) and not judge the experience….more observing it with a certain curiosity. I have a mantra that I use that I learned from a meditation class.

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