A Very Fierce Love

divine_love_medThe living intention of this new Light is to reveal what is true, genuine and authentic about you, your relationships, the reality around you and the greater existence we are a part of. Really pay attention and notice the subtle and not so subtle variables in the circumstances of your life because this new light is serving to activate dormant areas of the brain, new DNA, higher mind communication and multidimensional operating systems  – all in support of your ability to expand beyond the choices and limitations of the human dimension.

The ascension process is accelerating exponentially now and one of the dominant ways this is manifesting is an explosion of creativity, a tireless desire to make old spaces new, co-create with the elements, incorporate sacred geometry into the mundane, connect with the earth more intimately and the very real presence of new levels of support, visibility and abundances! As in WOW!

Your personal experience of expansion now will continue to be as unique as you are – and yet the most profound and consistent focus of energy at this time is on and within the heart – with deep recalibrations occurring in the physical, mental and emotional body. It really is a stunning attunement to a level of Divine Love the human aspect and realm of form has never known.

As always, I will expand upon the impact of this new light on perceptions, bodies and realities on the next New Human transmission this Sunday, August 31st @ 11:11 am Eastern. There will be a brand new meditation to facilitate a deeper connection with the Consciousness of Love and transformational energies to support your personal connection and acceleration on the path of Light leading to a 5th Dimensional experience of Existence.

Each day – if you are awake and in your heart, you are increasingly aware of and embracing a very new norm for your individual lives and Collective world. This is a non-negotiable piece. Affirm today and often: I breathe freely and fully – I am safe as my true Self emerges – I trust the Process of Life. Always. All ways.

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3 comments on “A Very Fierce Love
  1. OMFeet says:

    <3 love you and Shining Ones….thank you for all you share and bless us with!

  2. Jean says:

    I feel excitement and anticipation! Thanks for your ever present drum beat and vision.

  3. Rockpoint11@mac.com says:

    I welcome the deep recalibrations occurring within my physical, mental and emotional bodies. I am attuning to an amplified level of Divine Love I have forgotten, with awe and gratitude.
    This daily inspiration you provide DeAnne is truly a blessing.

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