Grateful Heart

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… wake up everyday
wondering what you could possibly do
with all the gratitude you feel in your heart.

The answer is to harness it
into your passion and strong wanting
for yourself and the world

with the intention of  taking it with you
into every moment and every experience
as the power that can and will
re-organize your entire reality:

your health
your desires
your relationships
your abundance and prosperity
creativity and destiny of purpose…

e v e r y t h i n g

that you think you are
into the magnificent manifestation
of God Being and Truth and Joy
that is your Authentic Nature.

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2 comments on “Grateful Heart
  1. OMFeet says:

    This should be copied and next to the bed, so that every morning the first think you do is to read it, remember, and go through the day as your authentic self.

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