New Dimensions Of Self

10487338_670938399664475_2792742095255299450_nA really relevant quote by Mr. Holmes  – because humanity is being stretched beyond its current capacities mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This NOW in ALL of existence is asking this current humanity to stretch and live as if everything is NEW. New Day, New Choices, New Relationships to each other and the world around us, New Spaces, New Environments, New Possibilities and the VISION to see and move within the existing reality from a new dimension of potential. Because that New Dimension is here, right now, vibrating within you and all around you as a choice just beyond the frequency and understanding of the one you are now making. New DNA is activating as you cease engaging the old DNA – old belief, old habits, perceptions and agreements. Everything NEW – as NEW as you are ready now to believe in and begin living. TO LIFE~ TO LOVE~ TO THE FREEDOM of a BRAVE NEW WORLD!

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2 comments on “New Dimensions Of Self
  1. Karen says:

    Yay…..How wonderful IT IS to read good NEWs !!!
    I believe in & receive the bountiful blessings of this abundant universe (((((((+))))))) Blessed BE <3

  2. Kathleen says:

    Woke up out of a dream with this:
    As we tumble through time toward an ever expanding
    Future in this now moment, I am grateful for the journey
    To be here as witness and conscious participant in this
    Long anticipated cosmic event of evolution into the
    Heart of love.

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