What You Will See Is Love

10401358_449432178533406_5209678866816587667_nToday begins yet another powerful gateway of energy amplification… the consistent invitation of these intense waves is to greater Love, greater Light and greater numbers ascending within the human dimension. Since the trigger of incoming support on August 17th, the energies have been intense on a daily basis, taxing emotions and body as our cellular structure gets aligned with the perspective of Divine Love. Our greatest work right now is to be astute observers of Self, making adjustment to our beliefs and habits when they do not reflect the highest nature of Love. We are being fine tuned to be vessels of a very new light and conduits of a very pure love. We must dedicate our intention each day to maintaining as high of a frequency and integrity of our personal light quotient as possible for the sake of unifying our lives with a greater Truth.

This current gateway, September 3-9, holds a powerful potential for really clearing the path ahead, with experiences becoming brighter, lighter, infused with the “new happy” I talked about on the last webcast August 31st – and incredibly, deeply profound. These gateways are necessarily personal – your ascension is about you and the Beloved, your Soul and higher realms of Light. Be sure and revisit the New Human transmissions especially so since June – as well as New Day blog entries for a reminder of this crescendo of ascension significance we find ourselves in. It is pretty safe to say that everything we are experiencing is for the purpose of shining light into every nook and cranny of self doubt, fear, judgement and both new and old choices that may serve to stand between us and our highest good.

I feel different everyday – I feel as if I am getting to know my Self anew, every single day. There is definitely a new, heightened correlation between emotions and their impact on the physical body and we must be willing to attend to that and adjust. I hear and feel the gentle and wise council of my Higher Self to “be of love” and take care NOT TO PUSH!! No matter what the circumstance – NO PUSHING ALLOWED – not mentally, physically, trying to get anything to conform or be a certain way, etc. It will throw you off center, out of balance and into a tail spin quickly! There is also a heightened awareness of just how important this moment, including this current gateway is. I have felt this newest wave coming for days and slept very lightly last night – as if waiting for something very important and valuable, life changing in nature. If you are feeling the same  – trust and welcome it – this gateway will be good for you. We are being asked to LET GO of our human proclivities and allow our spiritual nature to lead the way. And to remember always, you cannot make a wrong choice, only the one you are ready to make now. These gateways are opportunities to change the course you are on and begin living once again, attuned to love, aligned with the harmony of Light.

I’ve shared quite frequently lately about amplified experiences in the out of doors and have woven that imagery and frequency into the new meditations that come in with each transmission of the New Human webcasts. The natural world and all its inhabitants, from the tiniest atom to the animal, flora and fauna kingdoms feel these accelerations of our Earth home. Get out in nature OFTEN – if you think you already do – get out more! I encourage you to bring nautilus, spiral, serpent energy into your lives and routines as you are so inspired and guided. The spiral I have created on the land HAS A CONSCIOUSNESS – I thought I created it out of my own idea?? But am learning that clearly it has an energy of intelligence that is feeding, nurturing and guiding ME – as well as really working with the surrounding earth environment. So, contemplate that possibility for yourselves. There is no other greater support for getting focused, clear and open to receive than in nature. Your posture and intention during this gate is to STAY IN THE MAGNETIC OF ASCENSION. Allow the details to fall away and just intend to radiate pure Light in all you do, remember Christ Consciousness for that is WHO YOU ARE and dedicate your relationship with these energies to the highest good.

Finally, for now, the Shining Ones have emphasized often through metaphor, rich example, meditation and gentle wisdom to stay out of thought, speculation and what if concerns with these Revelation Gateways. You are encouraged to limit media and news exposure and even casual discussion around the shifting structures of the outer reality. Our world has been and continues to teeter on the edge of significant change for some time now. Yet, this Shift is built on permission from the inside out – not the outside in. Steer clear of dramatic spins and proclamations about this coming gate or any ascension movement. The path of Light has and continues to be about personal choices that then ripple out to affect the whole in powerful and lasting ways. Shine Light on our world, especially those areas where there are extremes environmentally, socially, ecologically, etc. The movement of 5th World and the wisdom of this New Consciousness is to move only and completely in the moment with the awareness of that moment. As you do so, in love, with the intention of love – each next choice and highest potential will be revealed to you. The minute you try and think two steps ahead or second guess what is right and true for you – you will lose the connection to these beautiful frequencies. It can be no other way for this is the movement of the Light. A Light the shines brightly for all.

Keep moving forward and creating realities of peace, of joy, of creative purpose and Light – moment by moment. Love has always and will continue to support creation and expansion – that is the nature of Existence. As you set your intentions on love and align with the activity of love this coming week and forward, you will be walking a path well lit that will continue to benefit all!!

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4 comments on “What You Will See Is Love
  1. Kathleen says:

    This feels like entering a pool of pristine water that is the perfect temperature and feeling the release of all thoughts or emotions that no longer serve into the beauty of the unity of the water which represents love. Ahhhhhhh……….. And breathe.
    It makes my heart sing to be here with you all in this experience of life ascending.

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, the elements of (our) NATURE have certainly intensified here down under!! The weather here has been a metaphor for my emotions, sunny, warm & bright one day, then, cold, windy & raining the next – I AM weathering the turbulence of my emotions & my flowing tears of releasing the past have been clearing and cleansing for my Soul. I breathe deeply, I trust deeply, I forgive quickly……….I feel as if I don’t know anything about life any more… (lol)(sigh)….releasing, flowing, empty……it’s a good place to BE…..getting a sense of ME – spacious & free!
    Thank you Shining Ones ~ DIVINE LOVE (((((((+)))))))
    The deeper I go into nothingness ~ the higher I ascend into everything?
    For the good of all……Blessed BE.

  3. OMFeet says:

    Emotions, the pull of the old as I grab for the new, all happening of late. Quiet mind, then the bold images of the ego thoughts. It’s like a circus in my head 😉

    Then there are moments when my heart center just tingles with joy as it opens allowing more love to settle in. A huge release was the forgiveness I felt in my heart toward the neighbors (you remember).

    This morning I closed my eyes among the swamp trees and felt myself being pulled back through a dark tunnel. In my mind I turned around and saw I was full steam ahead into Light. I was surrounded by Light, then I became Light.

  4. DeAnne says:

    Listen to these Goddess New Humans SING THE SONG of new Creation! I LOVE you, each one,and am so honored and proud and GRATEFUL for the intention and center you are holding for ALL! Ubi Caritas Et Amor – Deus Ibi Est! Big Sigh~ xoxoxoxoxoxo

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