Waves Of Divine Love

Waves_of_Divine_LoveAs with the night leading up to this latest and formidable gateway – I slept very light the night of the 9th. At some point in the predawn hours I was woken by Bodhi pacing around the side of my bed. This was very unusual for him – he sleeps really sound and rarely wakes in the night. It was as if he came in to make sure I was awake – something did stir him and then he quietly went back to bed. Well, that was true for at least one of us. Because for the next hour to hour and a half – I was awake and experiencing pretty intense energies throughout my body, like I have never experienced before. Usually when I get downloads or “adjustments” I can work with them and find a space within which to relax and “get out of the way.” None of the usual “fixes” were working though, I tried all manners of positions and stretches and relaxations, I even got up after a time and heated up the amethyst mat and took some Valerian Root. Without a lot of relief I will add. I could see and feel quite intensely electrical impulses running first around the perimeter of my body – like I was being “traced” – drawing an outline of my physical body. Then the energy would centralize and concentrate in certain areas – intensity in my shoulders, then the insides of my feet, up and down my inner arms, etc. Visually, there was a LOT of golden white color, radiating and shooting like racing streams of light to different areas. There was some heat involved, but mostly discomfort like my body was being rearranged, that is pretty much the best I can describe with words. Like energy being pulled out of places where it has always been and something else going into the space. It was NOT a comfortable process. I think I finally fell asleep, almost like passing out – only to be awoken again by Bodhi who was this time, ready to go outside.

I got up out of the bed as I always do and stood, only to start leaning sideways like the floor was uneven and so I had no balance. I was pulled, as if in a magnetic field, all the way across the room in the direction of the “leaning floor”-  only to be stopped by the wall, where I steadied myself. Not quite awake I just kinda thought to myself, hmmm that was weird. But then I went into the bathroom and broke out in a sweat, could feel my skin turning white and pasty and became immediately nauseated. I don’t even remember a time of being nauseated – I have never had the flu or a stomach virus. I had nothing in my stomach, thankfully, so this passed fairly quickly but I was still kinda dizzy like the room was spinning around slowly… I had to go lay back down. I attempted to get up several times over the next several hours and it was as if something was holding me down – a weight – I could barely move, nor did I want to.

This was an EVENT!! It was something very deep and very vast – I feel as if I had a lucid experience of a worm hole, withing which my previous equilibrium, state of balance was “reset.” A cosmic reset experienced physically, all the while aware that it was a product of this current gateway, the whole experience. And even though it was intense physically, there was a constant awareness and “Ok-ness” about the whole phenomenon. I did not feel out of control or fear at any time – I felt like I understood everything that was occurring and my only “job” was to not push – not try and do anything other than be with how I was feeling in each moment.

I started to feel hunger around the 3 1/2 to 4 hour point – it was almost noon before I began to come out of this. The Guidance was strong to juice a ton of fresh organic veggies which I did. I moved slowly and was careful not to make any sudden movements, not even the turn of my head. Mindful, deliberate movements  – doing only what I could and felt like doing really most of the rest of the day. By evening time I was feeling stable, clear, grounded and a real sense of that “new happy” I have been sharing with you about. It was then that I began to receive the insight of the experience I shared above. I was purposefully disoriented, my equilibrium went momentarily “off line” which caused the nausea and imbalance. I experienced a “reset” and new state of balance around the higher frequencies now streaming, pummeling really within this latest, important gateway. I feel lighter, calmer, like I AM more of my Self than I have ever previously been or known.

It is not “typical” or even my nature for me to share personal energy phenomenon with you but this felt important. This was just the 2nd day of a 7 day gateway  – a gateway with a lot of intelligence, presence and one on one communication between the higher realms and human domain. If you read the New Day blog post Wednesday you are aware of the significance and importance of this Gateway –  the intensity of the energies is for one purpose – however they are manifesting for the individual – and that is to align our cellular structure with the perspective of Divine Love. There is not one iota of any aspect of my being that does not believe and trust that. We are being fine-tuned – and even with all the physical “wipe out” I felt during this intense wave through my body – I equally so felt very centered and of profound trust that Love was present and helping me move to a new level of my own capacity and expression. It was incredibly profound. And again, as I shared in Wednesday’s blog – I feel different – still and ongoing – everyday! I feel like I am living on the upper most level of my own being where I can see everything with a new clarity – which lends itself to a new level of peace and Self love.

And there is MORE TO COME!!! We are not yet half way through this energy amplification. I feel curious and wonder at what more could come? How many and in what ways may the higher realms communicate and commune with us – all for the purpose of increasing personal light quotient – adjusting the course of old belief and habit to begin living once again, attuned to love, aligned with the harmony of Light.

As I lay in bed last evening – having had a REALLY BIG DAY for my physical aspect to walk through without input from my mental and emotional aspect – all I could think and feel and repeat again and again to myself is – Out Of Great Depths, Great Love!!

TRUST your experience to Love, New Humans – TRUST who you are and what is out-picturing in your 3D world – to Love. Be willing to surrender the habit of being human to the remembrance and gift of being a beautiful Light … a light with exquisite wisdom to draw upon in your awakening. Those of us ready to be awake and IN new life and of greater service to this Ascension will move out and into very new spaces with this gateway and will realize a new level of Self in the process. Imagine and welcome the deepening of these days, dare to be polished and emptied and freed from the old condition and DNA of your former self.

I can see a radiance, swirls and spirals and waves of Love on the horizon everywhere I look in my 3D reality – and I know I belong to It and It delights in me. It delights in us all. This is the Love we are re-membering – this is the Love we are.

Wishing you all HOLY reunions with Life, with Self, with One another and with Love.
DeAnne and The Shining Ones

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4 comments on “Waves Of Divine Love
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    There were a few “moments” earlier this week for me, one was profound. It was as if a part of me stepped out of the body, and I could feel another “entity” coming in…through my head. Today my head seems to be leaning to the left 😉

    Anyone else experiencing a change?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for sharing your profound experience and in such depth DeAnne. I am certain it will help to dispel any anxiety one may feel when experiencing ascension symptoms. I got chills as you described the outlining of your body with light and a picture of your light body expanding exponentially. I know when I started, the light around my body was just for me and only a small column of light. Over the year and a half since my golden DNA activation it has grown and expanded several times and now I know I am influencing others as I walk in my community, one soul to another.
    One of my most memorable symptoms was waking up in the middle of the night and feeling as if the left side of my brain had been shattered, I was unable to form any thoughts with the left side, when I looked at it from the right side of my brain it looked as if it had been shattered into pieces, triangles actually. And like you I had no fear, I simply went to the sofa to lay down so as not to disturb my husband. It was very strange because I was clearly observing this from the right side of my brain which was still in tact. I totally trusted that this was part of my realignment with my soul and in divine order. This lasted for a couple of hours until slowly my ability to form thoughts was restored.
    It seems we each have such unique experiences and they can be intense and when we share them and demonstrate by our very being that we have come thru stronger and lighter than before we widen the path for others. And love grows.

  3. Mel Bromberg says:

    Perhaps you experienced a Null and Nullified Energies the night you couldn’t sleep until the next day. Nulls, as you probably know, create unbalance and confusion in our brains and bodies as they are only PURE GAIA ENERGY( extremely strong in intensity) and not like vortex or nodal energies which include combined energies from the Crystalline Grid. When you mentioned that you were guided not TO PUSH–that would be typical for NULL energy–as that energy and information is being PUSHED TO US ( via others) as information for use in balancing out the Crystalline Grid. With NULLS, Crystalline Grid energies cancel out Nodes, while the Nullified energies which again are extremely intense and often in places that humans don’t inhabit, remain as pure creative energies from GAIA. NULLS create NEW INVENTIONS as we are seeing all over the PLANET now, and also a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS for the PLANET which you are here delivering to us all. NULLS on the Earth can be found in San Pedro De Atacama, Valley of the Moon, Chile,Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa and of course, The Bermuda Triangle.
    I wonder if indeed you are one of the few who could “take” the intensity of this NULL based energy and come out all the better for it.
    WOW on those SPIDER WEB pictures– They were amazing!
    As always, Light and Love. Mel

  4. DeAnne says:

    L LOVE and appreciate the gathering and sharing of beautiful minds – all of whom teach and reflect the greater light and wisdom of this world. Gratitude New Humans! xo

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