Loving The Self, Seeing Wonder

I went for an early morning hike with Bodhi on the mountain to sea trail and was met with one wonder after another… expressions of love, reflections of light, reminders of just how enduring and beautiful and constant our world is. If all this expression, communication and joy of creation can be found in just one simple outing, imagine all the wonder there is to behold in our world. The natural world is alive with symbolism, sacred geometry and everyday discoveries that vibrate with the deeper meaning and promises of Existence. Spend some time contemplating these gifts from the Great Mother, offerings from our beloved Gaia and fill yourself with the remembrance of a love that is present everywhere, always, on our behalf.





Messages of LOVE, invitations to weave a new web and story of Creation with color and beauty and sustenance for the Soul. Gratitude from the deep heart of humanity for the wonders and love of our beautiful world!


p.s tap any  photo to enlarge! xo



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