Good Morning Beautiful World

Just sharing some joy and wonder with you from the landscape of my amazing world in the mountains I call home.

Personally, I am feeling the 2 realities very distinctly this last week – I can almost see them as parallel worlds hovering, vibrating and reflecting the profound choice we have as a humanity in this NOW. On the one hand, a lot of density, thick, old, inert energy that feels like a giant taffy pull. You step in, see the old and ask, “why is that still here, why do we have to deal with this stuff when we know and see so much more?” And then you pull that leg up in defiance of the separation and dense constructs – the taffy tries to hold on – and resolve may be greatly tested. Because the alternate choice and very real presence here for the choosing is this incredible “lightness” – it vibrates freedom, you can feel it in your heart, your awakening consciousness, your higher wisdom and desire to leave the static spaces behind. “GO TO THE LIGHT” – the Soul beckons. Stay in the pivot and magnetics of this ascension activity – get OUT – dare, trust, breathe deeply, love love love your experience and each other … ENJOY your time here, live with the abandon of your beautiful, fearless, joy-being and spirit.

I have many pictures and RADICAL videos 🙂 to share from the FREE day that was had by some of the tribe yesterday – some of YOUR tribe because there is only ONE – so stay tuned here. In the mean time, enjoy this amazing moment looking over Linville Gorge – up on top of Babel Tower. As we hiked back to the “flat lands”(hehe) after a day in the peaks and valleys of this gorge – a HUGE day of adventure and “new happy” spontaneity and fearlessness – the Shining Ones whispered to me, “why just smell the flowers when you can drink the nectar!”

Why indeed! We are bumping up! if you are ready – to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of Being and Experience and LIFE!! NOTHING IS ORDINARY in these new frequencies. We must bring our intent EVERYDAY to defy the norm of the world of form, rise above mundane expectations and declare a new experience of reality for ourselves and our world. It is right here – right now – with so much support for walking into the dream, giving it our magic and love, choosing to live a NEW DAY!  EnJOY!

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  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful Mother Earth………..thanks for sharing DeAnne xxx

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