The Music Of The Moment

How often do you seek the magic in life and invite it into your world? How free are you when it comes to stretching your perceived limits while daring to do the thing you cannot imagine doing? Are you more tethered to your physical identity or trusting of your spiritual being? These are essential daily questions to those walking the path of Light and seeking a deeper connection with Existence.

More often than not I find myself walking into unimaginable experiences in an unimaginable reality and doing unimaginable things that deepen my connection to life and Magic and my Self. I couldn’t “plan” these moments if I tried and yet they are effortless and plentiful when our spirit leads the way and the mind is quieted by the strength of Eternal connection.

Here is an example of a Spirit led day – endless joy and wonder, excitement and adventure… tons of energy expended and even more energy and light streaming back in. No thought, no mind, no planning, no time, no hesitation, no fear. I had to create a slider we had SO many pictures and even then, I only used a handful comparatively. I chose the Jason Mraz song, I’M YOURS to compliment the energy of this day:

” Listen to the music of the moment come and dance with me… don’t hesitate… it’s your God forsaken right to be free!!

Here’s to being strong and living free and surpassing the mind  – listening ALWAYS to the music of the moment as we dance our way back “home” to unimaginable life! EnJOY!

p.s. I included the “creeping” along the rock wall shots cause this was WAY more nerve-wracking than the jump. The ledge was quite narrow and just to the right of me was the top of the waterfall rapids! So one slip and you’d be going over the falls. That and it was dizzying energy because the river was SO full that day! I would have jumped many more than the 3 times I did if it weren’t so hard to get up to the top!! Greatest day ever though with Gaia and the Mystery! xo

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5 comments on “The Music Of The Moment
  1. Stephanie says:

    Love, love, lovely!

  2. DeAnne says:

    Selah Stephanie! Gratitude! xo

  3. Karen says:

    I felt your sense of freedom, play & joy……smiling with you. Thank you DeAnne for holding me in your heart, it is reciprocal. xo

  4. fitzcan says:

    You DO look like you have a lot of fun in your mountain paradise! ☺

  5. David Shirar says:

    DeAnne! Rock On!

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