Calm And Steady, Focused In Light


In the most recent New Human Transmission I talked about and shared the energy of a sense of calm that has settled in since the last gateway. That gateway was very physical because the energies are preparing us at a cellular level for incoming light filaments which really intensified on the last day of this gate. The Light continues to shift, noticeably so and at times it can be fairly uncomfortable for the body, especially the heart. Again, if you missed the last 2 shows, take time and re-listen as we discussed these facets in greater depth.

In the meantime – there is a new calm leading into the Fall Equinox next week. For now, the most important course of action is to stay focused – and stay Light. Every person reading these posts is aware when they are calm and peaceful and when they get emotionally charged for whatever reason. In this New Light – it is imperative to get clear and stay focused on your desires. Not egoic, flight of fancy preferences that keep the identity aspect happy – but deep heart, dominant desires that effect the whole of your human family and Earth home. You must begin to think about and acknowledge that these new Light frequencies have a Consciousness that vibrates with future you, expanded you, Christed you! And they are here to work with you in your Divine objective with is to unify the Higher and Lower Self. ( Again, lots of transformational energies around this objective in the 9/14/14 transmission of The New Human.) I will post again in a day or 2 about the coming Equinox energies but in the mean time  – to really utilize this new calm, this beckoning intelligence to higher purpose and sensations of Source energies in the heart (feeling in LOVE with everything in spite of dense matter)  – here are simple new human guidelines to follow:

1. Firmly set your intentions with visualization, feeling, meditation and light-grounding (physical reflection of the intent) ANCHOR these new energies. Feel them, ask them to enter in and Unify within you.

2. Align all of your activities, feelings and thoughts with your intentions. This is a biggie and takes constant vigilance – but the payoff is worth it!

3. Directly confront every moment of fear, emotion, entanglement with the old light. Again, you know when your buttons are pushed and when you default to old programming. Buttons pushed are never about who or what pushed them – they are about Mastery Consciousness. Be aware, remain centered and calm in the new energies and if need be – MOVE ON!!

4. Consciously choose to operate from your Higher Self perspective; engage your Mastery consciousness. This is the ULTIMATE act of Self Love!

These guidelines will help you build new pathways in parts of the brain which have been inactive, and it does take conscious awareness to bridge the worlds of your old and new operating systems.

Feel the Lightness, Embrace and Welcome the Light in your Pineal, revisit the Pineal Body meditation often from 9/14 show, direct that beam of Light into all your experiences and engage this new light to manifest new feelings, new thoughts, new behaviors and activities to replace old patterns! Each day, remember how much you are loved and then determine to go and share that love with the world around you.

The Light in all things~ is you!


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5 comments on “Calm And Steady, Focused In Light
  1. Kathleen says:

    Hello again dear dear family of light,

    I woke up again in the middle of the night hearing these words
    And want to share:
    I rest in the beauty of this moment
    Content to be life’s clear reflection.
    I am the light of the universe
    Clothed in this body.


  2. fitzcan says:

    Nice sentiment to wake up to!!

    <3. 🙂


  3. Karen says:

    RE` (Ray) a drop of Golden Sun. I am aligning with this presence of seeded thought/action/remembering that I AM this Light of Divine LOVE & yes, a calmness of being, a true sense that I AM one with this eternal Christ Consciousness is forming into reality. There is some shapeshifting going on & I’m feeling a gentle shimmering of AWEsomeness happening in me and around me…..Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))
    Thank you DeAnne/Shining Ones for your Guidance & Confirmations that all is well….. xxx OM TARA

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you Kathleen…..We are ONE xxx

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