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cosmic masteryAs I talk and work with individuals from all walks of life and stages of expansion, a common theme is the level of activity going on in the heart! Physical sensations from palpitations to rapid heart beat. And yes, we are checking in and tending to our physical health, making sure blood pressure is where it needs to be and that the physical heart is healthy and “ok.” But in our deeper knowing we are aware this phenomenon is energetic –  that these new and higher light frequencies are looking for new spaces within which to touch humanity and affect change. Source energy is coming more fully into the heart center as the Christ energies expand within the human form and Consciousness. And we are just getting started! We’ve only just begun to get a sense of this love and how quickly our current relationship with reality begins to shift and flow opens and joy becomes a more permanent state of being in our rapidly changing lives.

Today, September 19 through next Thursday, the 25th, bookends the Autumn Equinox and provides another flood of clearing and cleansing energies impacting the earth plane for the purpose of preparing body and consciousness for Christ energies. Think on that – feel it in your heart. What were the outstanding and lasting teachings of the Master Jesus, Lord Sananda, Jeshua Ben Joseph? Loving Unconditionally – walking with abandon away from the trappings and attachments of the material world, an unwavering devotion to the Light, Father/Mother/God… and uncompromising service to those not yet aware of their own Divinity. The Christ exemplified One so in touch with his own Divinity that the world of form offered no consequence to him. He lived to Love. He exemplified the very essence of Love. His nature was Love. He trusted his life to the vibration of Love.

And so, with this Equinox Gateway, as with the Equinox of March 2014, we are blessed once again with the pure return of the Christ energies. I can feel it already – all this past week really. Beautiful waves of peace, heart expansion and an intensity of devotion – at a much higher level than last March. It is so strong that it is permeating into relationship such that – 2 are experiencing the Christ energies, as One! The flood of those Christ energies last March is what initiated the first phase of this new, 5D platform and website, DeAnne Live. And as before yet greater still, the message is to GET CLEAR, as manifestation of the Christed state becomes more and more acute.

“Relax into it” – the Shining Ones beseech the earnest seeker. “For it is a co-creation between the higher realms and your lower expressions doing this work.” The egoic will is no longer driving, the need to be in control is given over to the desire to Unify with the greater human and non-physical Family of Light. The heart must be softened with the trust of a greater identity and purpose now manifesting. There is a joy, a simplicity and strong desire to match and unify the human vibration with the higher realms. In this, we are able to receive the immense energies which accelerate the collective experience of the Shift and Ascension. For that is the dominant desire in every human Soul – to assist in the Collective Shift of our world.

Take care with your process and CHECK IN OFTEN. I feel like the days are 48 hours long – I find myself up earlier tilling the soil of a day that is lasting long into the evening hours! No thought – no shoulds – no pushing  – just a very full expression of energies to fill in the spaces of the days with creative vision, new creations, new expression and abundances of every kind flowing. And yet, at any given moment, I will feel a wave of light hit me like a tsunami as if to say – LAY DOWN NOW!!! Right now – you need a re-boot! And if I listen (and I do!) and take even 10 minutes – I get thoroughly and completely replenished, rejuvenated and ready for the next 6 to 8 t0 10 hours! Working with this New Light has been and continues to be fascinating. The level of communication is as direct and pure as the Christ Light.

Set your intention and heart on aligning with the higher possibilities – see higher light flowing into your home and family, work and neighborhood and out into the greater world at large. Connect with the Sun in the morning and in the afternoon and visualize/feel the flow of incoming light – New Light – through these areas. Close your eyes and get in touch with the potent, vortex-typed sensation in your body and intend your heart linking with the Cosmic Heart Deity. Cosmic triggers like an Equinox represent Divine balance and that balance begins with YOU! Be willing to shed the densities, body, mind, spirit, habit, belief, perception, emotion and story from the lower reality to receive the higher creation of a New Earth.

We are the stewards of a New Earth, you and I. We are the unflappable and brave responders to the call of a New Age of Light. Know that it is your pure intention which aligns you with the intent and Divinity of this New Light. On these days leading into and passing through this Fall Equinox 2014 – stand beneath and visualize the Light of a New Sun streaming into your heart chakra – unifying your Solar Heart Center in a dynamic grid of New Human Love. We are poised to make GREAT LEAPS in the Shift with grand and miraculous activities, the devoted ones of this New Sun, New Earth, New Human Paradigm. With the Shining Ones accelerating their connection and visibility on the Earth plane in these days of movement and Light – may we rejoice in embracing the truer capabilities and love of a Golden Race in a Golden Era of Unity and Remembrance.

One All Encompassing Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones ♥


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3 comments on “Cosmic Mastery, Equinox Gateway
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Reading your expression of these energies is like riding a wave of light
    In the heart of All That is. A great way to start the day!

  3. Karen says:

    YES, YES, YES…..SIGH, SIGH, SIGH…..I am truly blessed & truly grateful that I AM in tune with this wondrous NEW LIGHT OF LOVE.

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