The Beauty Of Change

01-01-lightdanceThere has been yet another huge shift and deepening with the settling of the Equinox energies as we head into October. Everything has changed, again! And the changes, subtle yet profound, continue to be easier to feel than describe in linear terms. In fact, these shifts in the outpouring of Christ energies are pretty unexplainable to the denser realities and senses. The world at large continues to focus on beheadings and warring between nations and political policy – all the while there is an incredible deepening of these Christ energies, Christ Consciousness planting itself within the earth plane like tent stakes anchoring into Gaia’s surface all over the planet. As I alluded to on the September 28th show – the Equinox brought in new balancing points for the New Light which began entering the Earth’s atmosphere in earnest with the March 2014 Equinox and will continue through the September 2015 Equinox. Close your eyes and imagine this “tent stake”, purposeful anchoring of these 4 Equinoxes, 2014/2015 with a parachute of New Sun, Solar Christ activity riding the thermals of this New Light as it grounds ever more deeply into the new earth grid and heart consciousness of this current human race.

To witness and see this activity energetically is like looking through a stained glass window with a decided concentration of reds, golds, purples and indigos. If Ascension had a color scheme, this would be it for the current changes now manifesting. Think about what that means vibrationally. The higher realms energies – indigo (3rd eye) and purple (crown chakra) are grounding down into the lower chakras ( golds and reds) and earth tones – creating a dance of New Earth Light between the higher and lower, human and divine, old dna and new! For those on the ascension track – separation must be healed and unified into a new expression! Thinking new thoughts, acting on new expressions, over-riding emotional triggers and short fuses with the choice of loving kindness… NOT because someone or event outside of you “deserves” loving kindness but because you are choosing to evolve the consciousness that houses density and petty proclivities.

There is not a doubt in my mind that fast-track ascent and merging with the Christ energies between Cosmos and Earth is the reason for the Shining Ones moving into more human to human, real-time contact with 3D engagements. Theirs is the frequency of love that you feel in the New Human transmissions, that purity and refinement of heart consciousness… and it is important because of what is happening in the Earth’s process, that as many humans as possible feel that and have the opportunity to consciously choose it; for themselves and for this world.

Whether attuned to it or caught up in survival and ego concerns, there has been an ongoing arc and crescendo of veils being lifted and illusions dissolving since the much heralded gate of the 12/21/12. That gate did NOT disappoint. I can still, from the vantage point of this moment, feel and see the division of realities that occurred at that time. That was the beginning of “everything has changed” and as we agreed to move with the Light and keep the New Sun, Christ energies as our focus and heart, many have experienced the gradual and ongoing change for the better, the good since then in their lives and in our world. And this is the unified focus we must keep.

The old Self IS dissolving. The collective perception is still very much focused on fear and survival and separation into the haves and have nots. The old light creations will not cease to be just because new agreements are being initiated and lives changing course toward new levels of destiny and purpose. We have been and are diversifying the norm, this new human-ity. The collective old-school normal reality will stay on its course until it burns itself out. Others of us, through feeling and exhaustive rocket blasting movement through creation after creation after creation – our day to day reality with the new energies, new norm, new happy supports really is like a giant magic act  – now you see it now you don’t and just when you think you’ve awakened the dream and feel the Christ love so vast you feel you might burst into a super-nova – you become deeply and profoundly aware of still another layer of the dream of Creation – another layer of the complexities and love of Existence.

What I know for sure is something incredibly rare and precious and sacred is in the process of completing itself, through this humanity and this earth at this time. Something incredibly rare and precious and sacred is in the process of completing itself, through you, and me, through love. This Shift of the Ages is in Consciousness, yes, but it is also physical as in the planet, our bodies, the myriad kingdoms… all to support the interpretation of this New Light. It requires a lot of patience. A lot of vigilance about what we do and choose that keeps our realities dense and without joy.

I encourage you to meditate, feeling deeply, the metaphor and energies of the “riding the thermal” activity that the bird kingdom shared with us this last week. What would that experience truly be like for conscious thinking you? It is an experience of utter effortlessness, letting go of all will and drive and thought and doing. When you come up against the mundane in your reality and the mind or emotion is engaged – call up the thermals imagery and SHIFT the old way of responding to that moment or situation. It asks for ongoing acts of Consciousness – done on behalf of a New Creation, on behalf of love.

These New Light frequencies as they swirl a magic spiral of indigos, purples, reds and golds ~ demand that we relax and somehow find a way to “let go into” while trusting the greater potential unfolding. Pay attention and be vigilant with the new and many ways these energies are inviting you into the greater Shift energy underway! See yourself adorned with these “earthy” colors marrying the heavens and the earth and be opened to the many subtle and not so subtle ways they may desire manifestation in your world. You are a brilliant and intelligent facet of the Diamond Heart that is the Christed Universe. You are allowed to quit the old reality hologram in the physical anytime. And, to remain in the joy of one in metamorphosis of body, mind, heart and dimension within each moment of that holy and sacred transcendence. This is and has always been your greatest power. Use it wisely. Govern it with love.

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7 comments on “The Beauty Of Change
  1. ompadadevi, says:

    Beautifully written. The mind is quieter these days, but when the tugging of old ways comes a’knocking the phrase “What would Jesus do?” reminds me of my truth 😉

  2. Nikki says:

    yes beautiful words, full on loving energies flowing through…I’m in a state of constant flux… it feels so awesome and feels like still point in time floating in the quietness of space, nothingness yet everything all at once…Earth feels different, I feel different, all has shifted and continues to shift. My happiness and joy levels are out of this world!!! How does it get any better than this?? bring it!! lol happy days

  3. Jean Canale says:

    This is such a timely and resonate expression. I can really feel the shifting taking place within me as I observe patterns of separation coming to awareness and dissolving….and a swelling heart opening for a more joyful experience. Sometimes it feels as if I am doing nothing as I spend time in reflection until I realize the shift that is occurring right under my nose!

  4. DeAnne says:

    thanks for sharing ladies – it is so important because it really impresses how alike and connected we are in the awakening process.
    “Your” awarenesses become “my” awarenesses and we see that more and more – there is just one experience happening through many different channels of Light, individuals ultimately reflecting One Love. Waking up ROCKS!!

  5. Karen says:

    I will keep on surrendering to Christ Consciousness…..sooooo beautifully written DeAnne…..& I will keep grounding & connecting…..swirling in the colors & energies as/with a New Earth reality….hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!!

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