New Light Pouring In

Light_Shining_Bright_by_AnnissinaYou may have felt the need to limit on line time yesterday – the 6th – which was wise. And that stillness continues today! There was an incredible amount of Light entering in connecting to the Blood Moon eclipse. I also cannot NOT mention that it was my Swedish grandma’s birthday and I always spend time connecting with her – she was and continues to be such a radiant force in my life.

I am sure you are feeling and witnessing this infusion of Golden Crystalline Diamond frequencies – whether you have needed to be still and quiet more or felt reminiscent about your journey and how far you have come – the desire to say an extra, “I appreciate you or am grateful for your presence in my life” to those that have been steadfast and true. It has felt a bit like a “life-review” but everything through the heart, this infusion.

This is a time to connect with various power spots on the planet – intuitively or in meditation. I had to go out to the ancient site to be in the heart of the Shining Ones vortex, connecting from there with other ancient sites around the planet. These New Light frequencies are amplified and increasing dramatically through these beloved sites on our beloved planet, Mother Earth. Spend time seeing, visualizing this Golden Crystalline energy and intend that it accelerate and amplify UNITY Consciousness.

Today I have spent time in the space of this weekends’ Shining Ones event and I feel greatly that this evening is ALL about Unity and assisting others in the remembrance of the deep, deep connection we all share as humanity awakens and the Earth moves into a new atmosphere and dimension. Know you are a pure conduit as you recognize yourself as a Divine New Human and GET OUT SIDE to marinate in the incredibly pure photons and showers of this new filament light! LOVE TO ALL!

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  1. Karen says:

    LOVE TO ALL….BLESSED BE (((((((+)))))))

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