Being New

image(2)-4It takes a lot of commitment and courage to live in a perpetual state of New. It requires a lot of trust and determination when so much of the supported reality runs in grooves of sameness and ordinary. There is nothing ordinary about this New Light or the greater role you agreed to as a steward of the New Earth environment.

Strive each day to live outside the comforts of the conditioned reality – listen to the part of you that is not sure what it’s doing but feels the something more beckoning. And JUMP IN – JOIN IN – dare to share the deeper truths, joys and insights of who you are with the many. New horizons await you – you just have to agree to wake up to them and trust the Light to meet you as you continue to walk into it!

Thank you to all who participated, in body and Spirit, in last nights Shining Ones/Bodhi Tree event. It was a magical, grateful gathering of knowing, wisdom and Love. Have a beautiful day world – embrace it with wonder and joy!

With Much Love,


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One comment on “Being New
  1. Karen says:

    I AM getting the message loud & clear…….Hallelujah!
    New BE ing = Inner Peace & Joy!
    I AM She who gives thanks for the Truth
    Sat Chit Ananda (((((((+)))))))

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